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After Infusio – Two Week Update

It’s been a little over two weeks since I returned home from Germany. I’m happy to report I’m still feeling really good! My head is clear, and I still have the same “light” feeling experienced after my first week of treatment. I even wore heels to our friends wedding and did not experience one second of knee pain!!


Wearing 3 inch heels without pain, yay!

The first few days after arriving home I was more tired than usual; I attribute that to jet lag. The time difference, and 11 hour flight caused us to be awake almost a full 24 hours, I think that would make anyone tired! Once I got over jet lag, I caught my husband’s cold, and spent my second week resting as much as possible. Continue reading

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My Favorite Detox Methods

The sad fact is we live a toxic world, there is no shortage of information about the topic. Organic Consumers Association and Environmental Working Group provide excellent information about pesticides, toxins in our food, water, household, and personal care products. Detox is  something we should all do periodically.

The organ that needs the most support is our liver. Our modern lifestyle is hard on our liver. Our on the go lifestyle has us working to much, exercising to little, keeps us from eating right, or getting enough sleep. Those are just a few things that stress out our liver. This organ does so much for us, it’s overworked and under appreciated! This link provides excellent detail of liver function.

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