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So Busy in Spring!

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I am finding springtime around out little homestead to be very exciting but I’ve decided it’s the most challenging time of year because everything seems to happen ALL. AT. ONCE!

Fruit trees bloom and it feels like only a couple days pass before the fruit is set and ready to be thinned. The winter garden has to be tilled then get the spring starts and seeds planted. Spring is also the time of year for new bees. This year, I added nutrition school into the mix and I’m trying to maintain this blog 🙂 all of this is helping me keep my multi-tasking skills polished!

Besides spending a lot of time listening to lectures and doing homework, these past couple weeks I’ve kept up with people who recently returned from Infusio, shared with several others information about Lyme ND, I introduced my new bees to their home, finished thinning our peach tree, and got some of my garden planted!

Here’s a before and after picture of a spot I thinned on my peach tree.


Before this part of the tree was really weighed down by all the peaches


After removing more than half of the peaches, it perked up

Today, it was nice to spend a few hours picking out starts and getting them planted. Because we are in a severe drought, I decided only to plant my one existing garden bed that I used during winter. I planted three varieties of heirloom tomatoes, arugula, cilantro, parsley, and lime-basil. Here’s a picture of my cute, little starts.


Two tomato plants are on the far left row, my lime-basil is in the second row, along with another tomato plant. The third row has cilantro and parsley, and the forth row has my first planting of arugula seeds.

I’ve decided to try some succession planting, which means I’m staggering the days I plant the arugula seeds so it all doesn’t come up at once. I hope to get Japanese cucumbers, sorrel, and carrots planted next week. I picked these seed pods from one of my winter kale plants so I can learn how to start saving seeds. Here’s some of the pods I collected. IMG_0050

I am also very excited to get this goji berry bush planted, I LOVE goji berries!!! I will have to be patient since it takes about two years before I’ll get to eat any of these antioxidant pack berries.


What’s happening around your house this spring?

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