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Lyme Disease Resources

How to find a Lyme literate MD or ND

Lyme Disease Association has a great online doctor referral systems. Since treating Lyme is controversial, most Lyme literate doctors do not “advertise” that they treat Lyme.  This is the best online resource I’ve found for finding a doctor. Another resource would be a local Lyme support group.

LymeLight Foundation

LymeLight is an awesome foundation that provides medical treatment grants to children and young adults ages 3-25. They award grants up to $10,000. I have personally volunteered with this wonderful group. They are committed to helping children overcome Lyme, and lessening the financial burden for the parents of children with Lyme

ILADS – International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society

The leading international authority on Lyme Disease education and training. Their site has an abundance of information about Lyme Disease, including world-wide conferences and events, and ways to get involved.

Lyme Disease.org

They publish Lyme Times, a monthly print magazine, and offer a web version. Here you can get Lyme literate doctor referrals, find support groups, and learn about ongoing research. They also provide excellent resource material, including downloadable brochures and posters.

Under Our Skin-The Untold Story of Lyme Disease

The award wining documentary about Lyme Disease. It can usually be streamed for free via Netflix This movie profiles several people with Lyme Disease, and explains the controversy surrounding the disease. The sequel, Emergence, is currently in production.

There are many informative blogs about Lyme Disease.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Touched by Lyme

Lyme Less Live More

Better Health Guy

Angeli VanLaanen

Cosmo Mom with a Twist of Lyme

If you suspect you may have Lyme Disease, I cannot stress enough, how important it is to see a Lyme literate doctor for proper testing, and diagnosis. Many primary care physicians will not test for Lyme, and are not educated on proper treatment. Correct diagnosis and treatment is key to recovering from Lyme Disease.


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