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My 6 Month…Umm….I Mean 9 Month Infusio Update!


This was supposed to be a six month update, so, so sorry it is super late! I felt it was important to wait until I had a follow-up appointment with Infusio before sharing how I’ve been. And honestly, at the 6 month mark there wasn’t much to share.

I still have been feeling really good! After returning from vacation in mid-June, things have been extremely busy with school, harvesting fruit, and getting ready for the arrival of chickens! I’ve had a few 10 hour days of studying, working in the orchard, and/or working in the kitchen preserving fruit and I’ve handled it really well.

For this appointment, I had to travel to L.A., which is part of the reason it took so long for me to have a follow-up. I kept waiting for Phil to make a stop in Marin so I could see him there, and unfortunately his schedule hasn’t allowed him to be in that area.

During this appointment, I wasn’t able to see Phil in person, instead I met with  Sara Whitney, the naturopathic doctor who also practices in L.A. She was super nice and seemed extremely knowledgable. We ended up calling Phil via FaceTime to get his opinion of my scan.

My most recent scan was very interesting! It was definitely not as “pretty” as the scan I had one month after Germany.

The great news is no Lyme or co-infections showed up AT ALL!!

Yes, you read that right – NONE AT ALL! 

Most everything looked good, however for some reason my lymphatic system was a bit sluggish, my toxin levels were fairly high (some were at similar levels than before treatment), and my archaic immune system was active.

I have a feeling my immune system may have been activated due to an allergic reaction I was having to either new make up (Rejuva Minerals) or my new sleep mask. I had itchy, watery eyes, and extremely dry skin on my brow bone for about two weeks (this was going on during my scan) and thankfully it completely resolved shortly after I got home.

The toxin levels are what prompted Sara to contact Phil to get some questions answered and find out his recommendations. He was gracious to chat with us, even though it was 9:30 pm in Germany!

After looking at my scan, he asked what I was doing on a regular basis to detox and he asked if I sweat much. I had to admit, I’d been feeling so good, I had been lax with my dry skin brushing and lymphatic massage. I had been good about drinking nettle tea. He suggested I make lymphatic massage a priority and try to sweat more regularly. The preferred method to sweat would be via far infrared sauna. Another option would be to try a Bio-mat.

He recommended I continue to drink nettle and/or dandelion tea and bone broth on a regular basis. During the past couple months, I’d been really good about the tea but not so good about the broth.

My scan also showed that my stomach and small intestine were struggling a bit, even though I hadn’t noticed any issues whatsoever. He recommended taking 3-4 pellets of  the homeopathic remedy, Carbo vegetabilis for 30 days and to make sure I took a maintenance dose of probiotics. (I’d also been more lax about that for the past 3 months!).

I mentioned my shortness of breath had returned after it had almost completely resolved for the first 5 months after treatment, and asked if it could be an adrenal issue. He said adrenal fatigue is a possible cause, or it could be an issue with oxygen staying in my cells. The scan didn’t show that I have any issue with my lungs. For right now, it seemed like he wanted to focus more on my toxin issue. I would like to get more information from him on how I can overcome the shortness of breath once and for all. I would love to complete the Ryde for Lyme someday and right now that would not be possible!

I asked about dental cleanings and my concern it could create a relapse (like what happened in November 2013). He said because lots of bacteria, including Lyme, is found in our mouth, a cleaning could cause an immune response. Thankfully, he doesn’t think it would result in a relapse. Before my next cleaning he recommends I take activated charcoal and chlorella to help clear anything that might get stirred up. He also suggested I get dental pick and slowly work around my mouth (2-3 teeth a day) before my next cleaning to reduce the potential for a huge immune response.

Sara and I talked a bit more about detox methods. I asked about castor oil packs and she said those were a great option. She mentioned applying castor oil to your underarms at night is an easy and quick detox method.

She also made a good point that MTHFR and other genetic mutations can make the body’s natural ability to detox more difficult. This is something I knew might be an issue for me, and now I have “proof” that I need to be more proactive about keeping up therapies to keep my toxic load down so I don’t get sick again. This also confirms for me that it typically is more than Lyme and co-infections that make us sick. It can be a combination of many factors (poor diet, increased stress, lack of sleep, overuse of antibiotics and OTC medication, vaccines, toxins, etc.) that come together to create the “perfect storm.”

Phil suggested I take two thymus injections and four sheep stem cell extract injections, for the following two weeks. Initially, I was a bit concerned about the sheep stem cell because I thought I would be injecting actual sheep stem cells, and that made me a bit nervous! I emailed Phil for clarification of why he was recommending them and exactly what I’d be injecting. Here’s what he said:

I’m recommending them as they simply support your body with energy. It is like a more complexed and balanced form of adrenal cortex extract. The cells are from placenta and umbilical cord of sheep. They are tested for contaminants using the same German Federal controls as Infusio’s thymus line.

I also asked if he anticipated that I would continue to need periodic thymus and/or stem cell treatment to maintain good health. He said he didn’t think so, and that he wasn’t too concerned about the toxins. He suggested maybe even just the travel down to L.A. was enough to over challenge my immune system. 

My last question was I practiced detox therapies on a more regular basis if it would help keep them under control. Here was his response:

Toxins are funny things. They tend to come and go. We cannot avoid many exposures. Our detox system does not always work the same. It has good days and bad days depending on so many factors. Your life should not be about doing therapies to be healthy. So no, therapies on a regular basis I feel are toxic to the psyche. Enjoying a nice massage every so often, enjoying going to the sauna as part of your healthy balanced life style: absolutely!

I really appreciated his sincere and common sense answers! It put my mind at ease and I decided to go ahead with the injections. I’m going to be a bit more diligent about some detox therapies but not make it something that becomes annoying or “chore like.” I would like to have one final scan in November when I head down to Anaheim for the Weston A. Price Conference. I won’t have another update until after that appointment.

In the meantime, I will continue to be grateful to God (and the wonderful doctor’s He provided) for my health and the opportunities I have now that my life doesn’t have to be focused on getting rid of Lyme!

Also, several people who did Infusio interview’s earlier this year will be coming up on their 100 day milestone! I hope to hear back from everyone so I can provide their updates to you. Stay tuned!

And as always, please contact me if you have any questions!

5 thoughts on “My 6 Month…Umm….I Mean 9 Month Infusio Update!

  1. Love hearing about this!

  2. This is a really great post! So much information! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  3. So glad you are still doing well, even with these things you need to follow up on. I would suggest you look into 23andme if you havent yet for more info on the genetic testing such as MTHFR. I found out soo many things from that and many mutations including MTHFR I have, which makes detox much more difficult.
    Good to hear an update!

    • Hi there! Yep, I’m hetero for MTHFR 677T. I found that out about 6 years ago while going through IVF. The doctor who tested me brushed it off as no big deal since I’m hetero, just advised me to take folic acid to help keep my homocysteine in check. As I’ve learned for via Dr. Ben Lynch and this last appointment with Infusio, I’m realizing I need to give it a bit more attention. I did my 23andme profile a couple years ago and I need to dig deeper!

  4. Yeah its sad how much Dr’s don’t know/care about a lot of this stuff. Yeah I would really suggest using NutraHack or other websites that really tell you a lot about the 23andme results. It has helped me a lot. Good luck on your journey. Nice to know we aren’t alone in it. (

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