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Nationwide Sources for Real Food


Thankfully, I live in an area with easy access to organic produce and pasture raised meat. We have an excellent year round farmers market, and several local farms offer pasture raised meat.

Sometimes ordering from a non-local or online retailer makes better financial sense. I’m hope these sources will make eating real food more convenient and help you stay within your budget.

Here’s a list of my “real food” favorites that are available nationwide

Azure Standard

Based out of Dufur, Oregon. Azure offers bulk natural and organic food. They deliver to various drop points throughout the United States, once a month. I’ve found they carry many of the items found at Whole Foods, and other natural grocers, usually for less. I purchase most of my pantry items, condiments, snack foods, several household, and personal care items via Azure.

Vital Choice

This is my choice for seafood. They offer sustainable, wild caught seafood, as well as grass-fed beef, and other various organic foods. Their wild caught salmon is excellent quality, and the price can’t be beat! I also purchase canned tuna, salmon and other seafood. I was impressed that they’ve done four rounds of testing for radiation since the Fukushima disaster, and found their fish were not contaminated. I was happy to add seafood back into my diet, after a year-long break immediately following the disaster.

Millers Organic Farm

This is an Amish farm located in Pennsylvania. They offer pasture raised meat and eggs, raw dairy, baked goods, and all kinds of other goodies. Many areas have co-ops set up for large group orders which helps save on shipping fees, or you can pay to have it shipped directly to your home. To place an order you must pay $35 and complete a membership form.  All orders must be place via phone. Their website was created by a co-op customer, and is not maintained by the farm.

Tropical Traditions

Similar to Azure Standard however, they sell grass-fed meat and poultry. You can become a member of their Healthy Buyers Club, and save 10-20% on bulk purchases, and other selected products. They have weekly specials that don’t require a membership, signing up for email notifications keeps you updated on specials.

U.S. Wellness Meats

Excellent source for pasture raised meat, poultry, and grass fed dairy.

Local Harvest

A wonderful resource for finding local food in your community. Just enter your zip code to find quality, local food producers, including CSA’s, in your area.

Wild Mountain Paleo Market

This online market has tons of Paleo friendly items. I haven’t ordered from them yet, however when I peeked at heir site, I saw a wide selections of items.

Eat Wild

Another great resource to find local, real food in your area. They have a directory of more than 1,300 pasture based farms, just click on your state to find out what’s available. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for locally, they have a special section for farmers that will ship to you.

Weston A Price Foundation

They aren’t real food retailer, however, they are an excellent resource to learn about nourishing food. They have local chapters throughout the US and Canada; finding a local chapter an excellent way to connect with people in your area.

I’m always on the look out for new sources of real food, please share your favorites with me. And if you’re in my vicinity, (San Francisco Bay Area & Santa Cruz) check out this post for local, real food sources.

3 thoughts on “Nationwide Sources for Real Food

  1. I buy a lot of real food items from Amazon and Costco. I love Azure Standard, too.

  2. Wild Planet!

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