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Thankful Thursday #23 – Life is Precious – October 2015

I know it’s Friday but I wrote this on Thursday, and thought this post would be a great way to restart my thankful Thursday series for the fall and winter.

This post is a bit of a departure from my typical thankful Thursday posts. I wanted to I write about a friend who passed away last weekend. The friend was my old boyfriend Mack, who I met when I was 19, and he’s the reason I moved from my home state of Michigan to California. Our four year relationship brought so many great things into my life!

As I write this, I’m flying to his funeral in Michigan and I’m watching the plane on the flight tracker follow almost the exact route we drove 19 years ago, which is stirring up emotions and fun memories!

Some of my favorite things about Mack were his smile, his laugh, his ticklishness, his lankiness, (he was 6’8” and very skinny!), his soft spoken personality, how he loved his nieces and nephews (when they were little, he’d play with them constantly), and the love he had for his family and his son. Continue reading


Thankful Thursday #20 – April 2015

Good Thursday evening and welcome to my monthly Thankful Thursday post!

Now that spring is in full effect maintaining the trees and garden on our little homestead requires much more time! In addition to homesteading, my new ‘Infusio Interviews‘ feature has taken up a significant amount of time and to add to the fun I started nutrition school at the beginning of this month…Whew!!

I hope you enjoy reading the things I was thankful for this past month! Continue reading


Thankful Thursday #17 – January

The new year has started off pretty darn good! Enjoy the eleven things I was thankful for this month!

  1. Continuing to feel good after my treatment for late stage Lyme disease at Infusio. I’ve passed the 90 day mark! I’ll be sharing my 90 day update next week.
  2. Celebrating my friend, Candy’s grand opening of her all organic, boba tea cafe, Tea Lyfe Drinks. If you live near San Jose, CA it’s worth the drive to sample her original creations. I make the 30 minute drive from my house, it’s that good!


    The ultimate “Mom-preneur”, Candy, I think she will be one of Forbes 30 under 30! She opened this cafe in 5 months, while being a great wife, and awesome mom to her cute baby boy!

  3. Nothing broke during a 4.4 magnitude earthquake! I still get shaken up, even when they are small  quakes!
  4. The wonderful conversations I’ve had with people about Infuiso. They’ve been a blessing to me!
  5. After not buying clothes or shoes for myself for almost a year, scoring a pair of cute Converse for $20! IMG_5784
  6. Getting accepted into the Nutrition Consultant program at Bauman College!
  7. Having fun with my husband as we rediscovered how fun it is to paint at Petroglyph. Here’s a cute garden gecko girl he painted. IMG_5783
  8. Having my Lyme story shared on LEAF’s Facebook page, and the nice emails Lizzie sent me! If you’d like to share your Lyme story contact Lizzie via her Facebook page.
  9. Realizing the bees in Verbena colony left their hive instead of dying off. I’m glad they are still living somewhere!
  10. The amazingly warm weather we’ve been having! I am hopeful the rain will return in February!IMG_5830
  11. My husband’s birthday on January 30th, and he has the day off to celebrate!

What are you thankful for this month? Share with me!