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New Bees, More Fun!


Busy, busy busy, summer and it’s outdoor and social busyness has arrived! The fruit is ripening and preserving will soon be in full swing. I’d like to get some late summer veggies planted for my garden. Cute baby chicks are still on the to do list, but they likely won’t arrive until fall. My awesome husband has the coop built, so they have a home when I’m ready. I have more recipes to share, and I hope get them written soon. Oh, and I have those beautiful bees to keep an eye on 🙂

For now, you’re just going to have to “bee” happy with this post about my bees! I’ve decided to name my hives to help keep track of everything. The name for the first hive from the bee package will be Verbena, and the queen, “Lorde” lives there. The name for the second hive from the nuc will be Cosmos, and the queen “Beeyonce” lives there.

Here’s pictures of what happened the last couple weeks.

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Don’t Bee Tardy for The Party!

That’s exactly what my next set of bees are, tardy!

I’ve been patiently waiting for my nuc to arrive. The nuc (a small version of a hive), was supposed to be ready last weekend. I called Mountain Feed  and was informed it won’t be ready for a couple weeks. We had some unseasonably cool weather a few weeks ago, and this caused many of the new queens to die. The supplier, Jeremy Rose of The California Bee Company is now working on re-queenig the nucs. Since I’ll likely be on vacation when they arrive, one of the beekeepers at Mountain Feed will keep it until I return. I’m excited to get these bees because Jeremy Rose is a beekeeper known for breeding gentle queens, with mite resistant behaviors. He wrote Beekeeping in Coastal California, which I’ve added to my “to read” list.

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