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Infusio – Day Six and Seven


My second week in Germany is moving right along! Monday was a rainy day that included some thunder, which was pretty exciting! I miss thunderstorms like I experienced growing up in Michigan.

We moved into the apartment next to Infusio that morning. I do miss the cute neighborhood where Couva was located however, it’s been very nice to have a full kitchen, bath tub, and lots of natural light. It also is not constantly 78 degrees in this apartment, so we’ve been sleeping much better, which is wonderful! Here’s some pictures of the Infusio apartment.

A full size bed, in the main living area

A full size bed, in the main living area

The rest of the living area

The rest of the living area

The kitchen!

The kitchen and dining nook

The very nice bathroom, it also has a bidet

The very nice bathroom, it also has a bidet.

Cute outdoor patio, the sun  came out for a couple hours!

Cute outdoor patio, the sun came out for a couple hours!

Once we got settled into the apartment, we walked to Infusio to start this weeks treatments. I say “we” because last week we asked Michael to run a Global Diagnostics scan on my husband. We thought since we’re here it’d be a good idea to get him checked out, especially since there is speculation that Lyme can be sexually transmitted. He’s never had any symptoms and my Lyme ND didn’t think he had it but we’d rather be safe than sorry! I’m determined to leave Lyme and it’s friends in Germany!

His scan didn’t show any Lyme, co-infections, bacteria, fungus, or viruses, thank God!

He did have a high level of heavy metals, which these days unfortunately is not uncommon. They were actually higher than mine so this week he’s getting some detox and chelation infusions to clear the metals.

The clinic is much less busy and more relaxed this week. Nadine Flemming, the medical assistant was back after being out sick and there is only one other patient besides the two of us. A gentleman from Southern California arrived and is being treated for pancreatic cancer. He will be receiving stem cell treatment. In his case, the stem cells will come from sheep or calf because with cancer they cannot use your own stem cells. He also is receiving regional hyperthermia, which uses heat to kill cancer cells.

On Monday, I got another Global Diagnostics scan. Instead of the twenty or so bacteria, etc. that had shown up last week, there were only about eight Yay progress!

Also, my “friends” Borreila and Babesia decided to make an appearance, exactly like Michael had predicted. The good news, they only showed in the 9% range, instead of the 20-30% range they had been when Philip ran my scan at Dr. Cole’s office. This means those buggers are almost gone!!

My scan showed my kidneys were working overtime to filter out all the nastiness, but that my heavy metal load had decreased. This scan showed toxins typically found in plastics, like BPA, in my breasts. Apparently, this is normal because the body needs to store it somewhere, and it looks for a place that currently doesn’t have a lot of activity which apparently the fatty tissue of breasts is a good location.

An interesting fact Michael shared was that firstborn children who are breast-fed receive a higher toxin load than subsequent children. He said it’s because the first child gets all the toxins that were stored in the mom’s breasts before nursing. He still recommends breastfeeding because the benefits to the babies immune system is important. Guess that’s another great reason to avoid plastics and eat detoxing foods, like leafy greens, on a regular basis!

I’m still feeling good, the rash I had on my face last week went away and Saturday I woke up feeling the best I had in a long time. Not one body or joint ache!

I’ve been tired after the last two treatment days so I’ve taken a midday naps. Now that I have a kitchen with a juicer, I’ve been making fresh veggie juice. I also made small batch of chicken broth to help support my body as I continue to heal.

Here’s the breakdown of my treatments for day six and seven.

Day Six – 2 1/2 hours

Day Seven  – 3 1/2 hours

  • Ozone Therapy, liver support, and Myers Cocktail infusions
  • Phospholipid, folic acid, homeopathic, and thymus injections
  • Global Diagnostics scan and treatment Scan

The ozone therapy is interesting. They draw out about 8 ounces of blood, inject 30 milligrams of ozone into the container of blood, and then give oxygenated blood back via the IV. Here’s a picture of me getting my blood back. That’s Nadine in the background 🙂


There is lots of controversy surrounding ozone therapy, some people believe it creates oxidative stress in the body. I feel comfortable with this therapy because my Lyme ND feels it’s safe and I trust his judgement. Here’s a link to a clinical study about the safety of ozone therapy.

Interestingly, Nadine said the world cycling association considers ozone therapy to be a form of doping because it gives cyclists more oxygen in their blood during races. Hopefully all the extra oxygen in my blood is kicking out the Babesia as I type this! Tomorrow is another big day, I get my stem cell injection. Thankfully, I don’t have to get up at 6 am for this trip because I’m the only one going to the clinic tomorrow. Whoo hoo!

Share with me your thoughts on Infusio. If you had cancer, or a chronic health issue would you try these treatments? 
If you’d like to know more about my Infusio experience, please contact me. I’m happy to speak with you via phone, or connect via email.

3 thoughts on “Infusio – Day Six and Seven

  1. I find it very interesting following your treatment. The plastic and heavy metals really bother me. I know that we can only do what we know, but pay for that we didn’t.

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