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After Infusio – Two Week Update


It’s been a little over two weeks since I returned home from Germany. I’m happy to report I’m still feeling really good! My head is clear, and I still have the same “light” feeling experienced after my first week of treatment. I even wore heels to our friends wedding and did not experience one second of knee pain!!


Wearing 3 inch heels without pain, yay!

The first few days after arriving home I was more tired than usual; I attribute that to jet lag. The time difference, and 11 hour flight caused us to be awake almost a full 24 hours, I think that would make anyone tired! Once I got over jet lag, I caught my husband’s cold, and spent my second week resting as much as possible.

I know this probably sounds silly, but I was excited I caught his cold! It gave me a chance to observe how it feels to have a cold without Lyme. It was a different because I didn’t have a flare of Lyme symptoms which is what would normally happen when I got a cold. In the past, I would usually get joint pain, muscle aches, and what I call “bone pain”. I made sure to get plenty of rest, which is always a challenge for a “go getter” like me 🙂

I have noticed improvement with the shortness of breath, and so far it hasn’t relapsed to its pre-treatment level. I try to walk my dogs at least five days a week, and I typically try to walk “the hill” near my house, twice a week. “The hill” is located about a 1/4 mile from my house and has a pretty decent incline, here’s a picture.


“The hill”

I’ve walked “the hill” often during the past two-years. It’s helped me gauge if the shortness of breath was decreasing, stagnant, or worsening. Prior to Infusio, I was usually at a level 3 or 4. Every once in a while I’d have a really good day, and be at a level 2. Here’s my “very scientific, shortness of breath scale”  I’m sure others who have or had Lyme make up their own “cool” way of measuring their progress, right? 🙂

  • Level 1 – No shortness of breath

    I can have a conversation while walking, very little exertion, and I’m barely winded when I reach the top.

  • Level 2 – Minor shortness of breath

    I can still talk while walking, no gasping or air hunger, and only minor exertion. I continue easily walking past the top, my recovery time to catch my breath is about 15 seconds. I make it to the top without stopping to catch my breath.

  • Level 3 – Moderate shortness of breath

    I can talk while walking but it’s in between a few gasps, I have minor air hunger, and moderate exertion. I continue walking past the top, but the recovery time to catch my breath is almost a minute. I can make it to the top without stopping to catch my breath.

  • Level 4 – Moderate-Severe shortness of breath

    I can barely talk while walking, I gasp for air more often, I have moderate air hunger, and exertion. I may need to stop at the top to catch my breath, and the recovery time to catch my breath is over a minute.

  • Level 5 – Severe shortness of breath
    I can only make it up halfway before needing to stop to catch my breath. I can’t talk while walking up, I gasp for air the entire walk up, moderate to severe air hunger, and exertion. I need to stop at the top to catch my breath before I can continue walking.

The few times I’ve walked “the hill” since being home, my shortness of breath is between level 1 or 2, whoo hoo!

Since being home I’ve had a minor acne on my chin, and slightly swollen gums near a couple of my bottom teeth. I’m think the acne is because I’m still detoxing. I’m not sure why my gums would be swollen. It happened often in my early twenties, when lots of other Lyme symptoms started to show up.

Since my cold is now gone, I’m attempting to get back into a routine. My goal during this 90 day period of “stem cell acceptance” is to get a minimum of eight hours of sleep, walk five days a week, and do yoga at least three days a week. I might even attempt to try running short intervals, using the Tabata method. I’m also drinking fresh vegetable juice least three days a week, and continue to follow the Weston A. Price dietary principles.

I know keeping Lyme, and co-infections permanently in remission will require I maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to never be bothered by these bugs again. I truly believe the dietary, and lifestyle changes I made prior to my Lyme diagnosis helped all my treatments, including Infusio, be a success. Prayer and positive affirmations were also key for me.

I have a follow-up appointment with Phil in the next few weeks. I’m curious to see what my Global Diagnostics scan says about my body after the treatment. I’ll write my next Infuiso update after that appointment.

Until then, all you Lyme warriors stay positive! Please contact me if you have any questions about Infusio, or other things I did to help me overcome Lyme.

4 thoughts on “After Infusio – Two Week Update

  1. Glad to hear and am looking forwards to more updates!

  2. Such great news! It’s a great time of year to be able to go outdoors!

  3. Thankyou for sharing your journey so far, it’s so great to hear the positive results you are experiencing form recent treatment. I would be really keen to talk with you more about your experience at this clinic and to discover what other co-infections you may have been battling too; maybe over email or skype if you wouldn’t mind? understand if not too. I wish you well and may you keep seeing steps forward in regaining full health and living life to the full. Best wishes, Chantelle Lewis 😀

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