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Infusio – Day One and Two


Guten Tag from Frankfurt!


My first infusion

My first treatments at Infusio are complete! So far, it’s been less “scary” than I anticipated. The clinic looks just like it does on their website, very serene and calming. My wonderful husband spent the first day with me, which was super awesome because I had no idea what to expect.

We met Jasmin, the executive assistant who helped coordinate my visit. The doctor at the clinic, Michael Wittstadt, is also very nice, and answers any questions about the infusions and treatments. He’s been quite busy these first two days because the nurse who usually assists him is out sick.

I soon realized that the IV pole and I will be best friends for the next two weeks! I was better  on my 2nd day maneuvering my way down the hall to the bathroom. One mistake I made the first day was not wearing yoga type pants, and it was a bit difficult unbuttoning my jeans with one hand when I had to use the ladies room 🙂

The first day Michael took a complete health history, then accompanied me into the massage room where my first infusion took place. He asked if I would be okay having a small port inserted into my left arm, above my wrist for the first three days, this kind of freaked me out!

He said the advantage would be not inserting a needle daily, but it would a bit of work to keep it clean, and dry. After a moment of hesitation, I decided to go for it. He tried for a minute or so to get it into my vein but it didn’t work, so instead I get a  new needle each day. Thankfully, getting the needle into the vein in the middle of my arm is much easier, and it didn’t hurt like the other location!

During my first infusion, I got a relaxing, but intense reflexology massage. The areas in my feet that correspond to my pancreas was extremely sore. Another sore spot was my kidneys, which I wasn’t surprised since my acupuncturist says my kidney chi is typically low. I hope when all these bugs are out of my system, my kidney chi will improve because my blood will no longer be infected!

Here’s the list of what I’ve gotten so far.

Day One – 6 hour day

  • Dioxychlor, liver support, protocol, and detox infusions
  • Four Seasons and thymus injections

Day Two – 4 hour day

The Global Diagnostics scan can see how my body systems are working and what kind of bacteria, parasites, etc. were hanging around. This scan told a similar story to the one I had a month ago at my initial consultation. The body I was born with is healthy, and my organ systems function properly. My immune function is weak because it’s been overburdened trying to fight off Lyme disease, and co-infections most of my life.

This scan didn’t pick up the Lyme disease bacteria (borreilia) because it has an excellent evasive structure. Michael said it usually shows up around day three or four. Other patients who were treated at Infusio said this was at the same for them too.

The scan did show a HUGE list (seriously way to many to list!) of other bacteria and parasites, like toxoplasmosis and bordetella that my immune systems has so far been unsuccessful at getting rid of.

I asked  Michael how I could have picked up all this stuff. He said every day we are all exposed to viruses, bacterias, and parasites, and most people’s immune systems are easily able to take care of the exposure. “Lucky” people, like me who’ve been undiagnosed with Lyme for so long have an immune system that is to weak to get rid of all the things we’re exposed to everyday.

Instead, our immune systems continue to get weaker with every exposure while trying simultaneously to fight the Lyme, and co-infections. Thankfully, the immune modulation using thymus therapy should get my immune system back to normal, then it can fight off any exposure I may have in the future.

During the infusions, they also give you lots of water, organic green veggie juices, and a nourishing chicken soup made with homemade chicken or beef broth. I love the smell of the broth coming from the clinic kitchen, it reminds of being at home cooking a batch of healing goodness!


“Infuiso soup”

Overall, I’ve been feeling good, and haven’t had any herx reactions. We’ve walked around for an hour or so after treatments, and have enjoyed dinner at some good restaurants since arriving. This evening we had Turkish food!

The weather has been cloudy, cool and a little rainy but that’s okay because we didn’t come here for the weather! Plus, that makes it easier to be inside at the clinic during the day when it’s raining! I’ve been reading during my treatments which is nice, and I’ve almost finished one book already.  I’m reading A Dogs Journey which is an easy, lighthearted read.

Tomorrow, I have a “field trip” that begins at 6 am to the stem cell clinic. All the patients will take a three hour ride to the stem cell lab to have our blood drawn so they can begin to grow our stem cells. The following Wednesday, I will go back for the stem cell injection. This used to be done at Infusio, but new regulations now require the stem cell treatment to be done at the lab.

That’s all for now, as the German’s would say Auf Wiedersehen!


If you’d like to know more about my Infusio experience, please contact me. I’m happy to speak with you via phone, or connect via email.

3 thoughts on “Infusio – Day One and Two

  1. You are fearless sis-in-law and an inspiration. I can’t wait for you to feel better. Sounds like they are treating you great. 💕

  2. Thanks for the update…..so interesting, Sounds like you are doing well…you’re such a good trooper!!! love you xoxo

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