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8 Ways to Boost Glutathione

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I believe low glutathione was part of the reason why I couldn’t fully “kick” Lyme. While at Infusio they gave me IV glutathione several times a week.

A couple ways I’ve tried to keep my glutathione levels up is making sure I exercise at lease 30 minutes a day and drink a few cups of bone broth each week. Numi recently started making turmeric teas, so I’ve also been drinking that regularly. If you’re interested in trying bone broth, click here for my picture tutorial and recipe.

If you don’t have time to make bone broth, you can still get the health benefits by adding collagen hydrolysate to any beverage, I prefer Great Lakes Gelatin. If you’re interested trying raw milk, Local Harvest is a great way to find a source near you.

8 Ways to boost glutathione

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