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Treatment Plans

Welcome to the this “fun” page 🙂

Here you’ll find my previous treatment plans for 2013 and  2014. I will try add the rest of 2012 soon. Hopefully, this will help others on their journey to get rid of Lyme, and co-infections.

In addition to these treatments plans, I also eat an all organic, “Nourishing Traditions” type diet. This means I rarely have any sugar, refined foods, or processed foods. I try to be conscious of this diet when dining out, which can be difficult at times, especially when traveling. I cook and eat at home often.

During my Lyme treatments, I tried to walk for 30 – 40 minutes, 3-5 days a week and practiced yoga at least 3 days a week. I had acupuncture twice a month, or more, when I was transitioning between treatment plans. I also tried lymphatic massage and infrared sauna as a detox therapies.


Thymus and Stem Cell Treatment at Infusio in Germany October 6 -24, 2014 – See my day by day updates under the Infusio tab.

Treatment plan started August 13, 2014

Treatment plan started July 5, 2014

Treatment plan started May 28, 2014

Treatment plan started March 31, 2014

Treatment plan started March 3, 2014

Treatment plan started January 28, 2014


Treatment plan started November 23, 2013

Treatment plan started September 16, 2013

Treatment plan started July 2, 2013

Treatment plan started June 4, 2013

Treatment plan started April 29, 2013

Treatment plan started March 4, 2013

Treatment plan started January 14, 2013


Treatment plan started April 8, 2012

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