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What’s Infusio?


**Update 4/16/2015** It was recently brought to my attention that my blog may not have been clear with regard to who was in charge of my care while at Infusio. My care was provided by Michael Wittstadt, who is the equivalent to and ND here in the US.

About two months ago, in the middle of a challenging Lyme treatment week, my husband mentioned to an acquaintance I’d been battling late stage Lyme disease. This acquaintance happened to know someone who’s late state Lyme disease was in remission. He said she’d tried numerous treatments and he graciously offered to ask what finally worked for her.

I say “happened” because I do not believe this conversation was a chance encounter, I believe it was God’s perfect timing. A few weeks later my husband received a very informative email, and I learned of a new treatment using stem cells. My most recent Lyme “roller coaster”, along with encouragement from my husband prompted me to research stem cell therapy, and other treatment options.

When I found out nasty Lyme, and co-infections were causing my random, intermittent health issues, I was determined to fully eradicate them. I never once believed they would affect me the rest of my life! I STILL believe that to be TRUE, however, after 2 1/2 years of treatment, and lots of prayers for healing, I’ve realized my body may need more intensive therapies to fully heal.

During my August appointment my doctor recommended a clinic called Infusio. He’d met with the founder and thought what they did sounded promising. Infuiso’s stem cell therapy uses your own stem cells, and that made me more comfortable with considering their clinic.

I’ve tried to avoid more intensive therapies, because they usually involve IV treatments, and those make me super nervous! God has been working on my “irrational fear issue” over the years, so I mustered the courage, and made an appointment with the founder Infusio.

Infusio has a location in Los Angeles, which made me happy I wouldn’t need to travel far for treatments. I quickly learned their stem cell treatments are done at their clinic in Germany. Once again, I had to set my nervousness aside, and took the plunge to find out more.

I was grateful to get a last-minute appointment at Dr. Boyer B. Cole’s practice in San Anselmo, where Philip Battiade, the founder of Infusio periodically sees patients. Shortly after arriving for my appointment I was escorted into a room with Dr. Cole, Philip, and an assistant, whose name I can’t remember! Dr Cole, and the assistant introduced themselves, but Philip did not, I thought this was strange.

Dr. Cole asked me to lie down on the examination table, and he explained they were going to run a scan of my body systems using Global Diagnostics. Philip placed some electrode type things to my ankles, and Dr. Cole said I should lie still for the next 8-10 minutes while my entire body was scanned.

The two of them left the room, and for 10 minutes I was able to ponder what the heck I’d gotten myself into!

After the scan was done, Philip introduced himself, and explained he prefers not to introduce himself until after because he doesn’t want to know anything about the patient before the Global Diagnostic scan is complete. He wants to be sure the reading is accurate and not skewed by any thing.

He pulled up my report and spent about 30 minutes explaining what it said about my body systems, and what microorganisms it found. It was fascinating that this machine identified Borrelia (Lyme Disease) and Babesia in less than 10 minutes, and I didn’t need to give a drop of blood! It also identified Western Tick Borne Encephalitis, and an airborne fungus from bird droppings called Histoplasmosis, and Diphtheria.

I’m sure you’re wondering how I got a fungus from bird droppings? Well, I have a sweet pet parakeet so I assume I picked it up from her. I will wear a mask when cleaning her cage from now on! For any other bird (chicken) owners reading this, from what I understand most people’s immune system can easily deal with this fungus, however for someone with an “overburdened” immune system like mine, it can be difficult to get rid of.

Besides the microorganisms, the report confirmed my organ systems are functioning well, but my immune, and sympathetic nervous systems are completely stressed. Philip said even if I don’t “feel” stressed my body is in a constant state of stress trying to fight everything off. Obviously this is not a good thing for my long-term health. It also showed I had mild heavy metal toxicity. I already knew this, and also knew I would need to deal with at some point.

Overall, what the scan said was not that surprising. I’m doing everything I can to maintain an extremely healthy lifestyle but these infections continue to wear down my immune and nervous systems. This is pretty much the same for anyone with late stage Lyme and co-infections.

The surprising thing was how Philip and the doctors at Infusio treat Lyme and co-infections. Instead of trying to kill off the infection using antibiotics or strong herbal remedies, they do “immune modulation” using thymus therapy. Stem cell therapy is also done for all Lyme patients.

Their stem cell treatment works like this

  • Remove a pint of my blood,
  • Separate my stem cells
  • Add cytokines to help grow healthy, new stem cells

Once they grow the desired amount of new stem cells, they are given back to me via a injection. The new cells begin to repair damage and help my body fight the infections. I was curious how this process didn’t re-infect people, since Lyme and co-infections live in the blood. He said stem cells can’t be infected. I checked this with my Lyme ND and he agreed it would be unlikely that stem cells are infected because they are “brand new” cells.

In addition to thymus and stem cell therapies, they use dioxychlor and ozone to help knock down the infections. IV vitamins, mineral, and amino acids are given to help the body repair and heal. He recommended I do Calcium EDTA to help remove the heavy metals.

I asked if there is any maintenance that needs to be done after treatment and he said it’s rare that anything else needs to be done. He did say most people have some ups and downs in the first 100 days while the stem cells are “rebuilding”. After six months things “settle.” The worst mistake people make during the six months is take antibiotics, have surgery, or do anything else (like teeth cleaning) that can cause an immune response. Apparently, these things can keep the treatment from being a complete success because they weaken the immune system.

I asked about their success rate, and Philip said in the last nine years, they’ve treated about 78 patients for Lyme and co-infections. All but four were successful at getting rid of everything. He said those four didn’t take his recommendations for other health issues he suggested they address. He also said there is very little risk with these treatments, and one “risk” is that it doesn’t work.

The price for treatments in Germany ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 for 10 days, that includes transportation to/from the airport, and an apartment next to the clinic. Treatments are done Monday through Friday, you have weekends off.

Initially, that seemed very expensive!

Then I took a look at what I’ve spent on doctor visits, prescriptions, lab work, and acupuncture for 2012 and 2013 the total came to….$14,731.

Oh, and that amount was my out-of-pocket after my partial insurance coverage. Even though treatment at Infusio will not be covered by my health insurance, I am still going to consider the treatment.

Infusio will soon have a clinic in Los Angeles and will eventually offer the same therapies as the clinic in Germany. Philip expects to be approved to do stem cell therapy in Los Angeles in 2015, and isn’t sure on the price yet. It will be more expensive than treatment in Germany. Infusio also treats people for cancer, fibromyalgia, Celiac and Chron’s disease, thyroid diseases, hepatitis, and several other health issues.

After leaving the appointment, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the information. It seemed almost to good to be true that this could be the “thing” that would help me fully heal, and move on with my life. I thought about stopping by San Francisco International and taking the next flight to Germany!

Instead, I decided to review my appointment notes, talk with my husband, and run everything by my Lyme doctor before making any decisions. I also wanted to research other clinics like Hansa Center, Sophia Health Institute, and Sierra Integrative Medical Center.

Here’s a link to a two minute video that explains the Infusio concept.

 If you’d like to know more about my Infusio experience, please contact me. I’m happy to speak with you via phone, or connect via email.

24 thoughts on “What’s Infusio?

  1. Hey Jen,
    I hope you were able to connect with Chrystie and get some more insight on their experience with Infuso. So will you be flying to Europe soon??

  2. Did you get any information on cost? So many of us Lyme warriors have exhausted our savings and retirements to just get to there we are today. I would imagine, besides the travel/motel/food costs the treatment itself must be very expensive. And how long does it take? In other words, how long would you have to stay in Germany?

    • Hi Merle!

      I knew I was forgetting to include some important info, thanks for reminding me! I’ve added it to the post and pasted it below.

      The price for treatments ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 for 10 days of treatment, this includes transportation to/from the airport, an apartment near the clinic, and a driver who takes you to/from the clinic each day. Treatments are done Monday through Friday, you have weekends off. Initially this seemed expensive, but when I got home I looked at what I spent on doctor visits, and prescriptions in 2012 and 2013….$16,731! That is my out of pocket AFTER partial insurance coverage, I’m one of the few Lyme patients that receives partial insurance coverage. That amount does not include what I’ve spend so far in 2014!

  3. I forgot to thank you for you wonderful post before I started banging away with questions. Lymeiness at its best! In looking at the Infusio website, it mentions a facility in Mexico. Did they mention that to you?

  4. HI Jen! I saw Philip this summer in LA and went through his 5 week thymus therapy. Upon re-testing he is very certain that my long time Lupus diagnosis is actually Lyme! I am not surprised by this at all for many reasons. He suggested I go to Germany! I am definitely considering it and am thrilled to find your blog. Happy healing and I look forward to your posts. A woman above named Anita said you spoke with a woman named Chrystie. If it is possible at all, I would love the opportunity to speak with her as well about her experience there. Thank you in advance! Sahara 🙂

  5. Just came across your blog as I was researching the Infusio Center. A friend from church just connected me to Chrystie, who I see mentioned in the comments here. I have chronic Lyme (25 years probably) and of course tons of health problems. I talked with Chrystie this morning, and she told me all about the place in Germany, and Dr Boyer in San Anselmo. Can’t believe I haven’t heard of any of this until now…but so glad to come across your blog and all the info you have. I will be following you along as you are in Germany, as I just may do this at some point too!
    thanks, God Bless!
    Diane Dahlin

  6. Wow I have never heard of this. Very interesting, I will look into it for sure. Heres hoping the best results for you!!

  7. I am so glad that I stumbled upon the link to your blog and am thrilled to read that you are recovered! Congratulations! I am thinking of going to Infusio now! I had never heard of this place. Other treatments in Germany seem hit or miss (nosodes), and coinfections aren’t always cured from what I have found online. My quality of life is pretty horrible and I can’t bear the thought of popping pills and drinking herbs for much longer. Is there a resource/link with some patient outcomes. I know the website said 4 people did not fully recover. Do you feel at 100% or is there a rebuilding period? Do you still need to take it easy and rest much? Any information or links to others experiences would be so helpful. Thank you again. You must be overjoyed! All the best!

    • Hi AS, thank you for your encouragement! I’m glad you found my blog too! People like you are reason why I blogged about my experience. I wish I would’ve known about Infusio earlier in my Lyme journey. I hope to get the word to about Infusio to others with Lyme, cancer, and other chronic conditions so they are aware of other options that are available.

      I totally understand about not wanting to maintain a crazy amount of supplements and not feel 100%!

      After treatment, it’s different for everyone. I thankfully don’t have any other underlying health issues, like thyroid problems, etc. The people I spoke with before I decided to go all felt better after treatment. Some had minor ups and downs, and that could still happen with me. The rebuilding period is typically in the first 90 days.

      I’ve been trying to be conscious of not overdoing it since I got home. It’s kind of difficult not to thought since I’m feeling really good 🙂 If you contact Infusio, they can refer to you others who’ve been treated for Lyme. Don’t give up, you will get better!!

  8. I am so glad that I stumbled upon the link to your blog and am thrilled to read that you are recovered! Perfect! Blessed!

  9. So how are you feeling now? I’ve seen these people as well, the most expensive doc I’ve ever dealt with. $350 for 45min apptnmnt and no print out or info to take with me when I left. Also, very little info was offered about his highly expensive treatment that he insisted on in Germany, that makes no sense to me since I’m in Canada, wouldn’t California be closer? is the treatment in California sub-par? or do they make more money off the clinic in Germany? anyway, what I was told is: this may make you better, symptoms may come back, or it may not help at all. For $30K US, I need a more definite answer than that. Why doesn’t he have more confidence in his treatment? I am interested to see how people are doing, 2 -3 years after the treatment, have symptoms returned? this type of stem cell treatment is getting more popular and is offered at other clinics. Clinics of the heart in Mexico offers the same stem cell therapy (using your own stem cells) for 15K US. I don’t know anyone personally that have been treated at infusio, so am looking forward to see if it worked.

    • Hi Terry! I agree with you in regards to the no print out part and not enough information. I did the diagnostic as well. I was not impressed with my overall experience. I got none of my questions answered. I visited him in the Los Angeles office. I want to say that the reason why he has people going out to Germany for this is because none of his practices are FDA approved.

    • Hi Terry! I agree with you in regards to the no print out part and not enough information. I did the diagnostic as well. I was not impressed with my overall experience. I got none of my questions answered. I visited him in the Los Angeles office. I want to say that the reason why he has people going out to Germany for this is because none of his practices are FDA approved.

      I did one of his treatments for 4 weeks and I feel worse now than I did before.

    • Hello,

      I’m just seeing this comment today. I’m still doing well and just wrote an update on my honeychick homestead blog.

      Take care,


  10. @ Natasha – A lot of things aren’t FDA approved because the government can’t make any money off it if. There are plenty of things that ARE FDA approved that KILL US! From what I gathered by reading and researching is that NOT ALL COUNTRIES HAVE THE SAME TREATMENT OPTIONS due to laws and such- there is no MEXICO location i believe – those numbers are for RESIDENT OF THAT COUNTRY to talk to someone regarding Infusio. ..And US is the only country who resorts to radiation and chemo FIRST as initial treatment – poison. Its crazy. Not badgering your review at all tho – for some it may work – for others it may not- and i am almost positive your daily routine (excecise / diet / ) all effects any form of treatment you are on. I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient and Germany is like a ray of hope for me – Rather than wait around for my Stanford Drs who advise against ANYTHING NATURAL at all… advised me that i dont even have to change my diet! Thats nuts! Anyways.. thanks for your review… its good to know what others went thru while making a decision like this..especially when the money being spent is coming from a life insurance policy.

    take care and i hope you are getting better.

  11. Hey Jen,
    So two years later, how’s the progress? Did Infusio’s treatment pan out? I moved to L.A. from Montana for better Lyme&co treatment, I’m looking at the gamut of treatment centers, please let me know how Germany was for you!

  12. Hi!
    How are you feeling a few years later?

  13. I am considering treatment for myself (autoimmune diseases) and my mother who was just diagnosed with cancer. Please let me know how these treatments worked for you and what your experience was like. It is a lot of money and I wan’t to hear personal stories.

  14. Please let me know how these treatments worked out for you. Both my mother and I are considering. My mother has cancer and I have autoimmune diseases. It is a lot of money and want to hear from someone who experienced it firsthand years later.

    • Hello,

      I’m just seeing this comment today. I’m still doing well and just wrote an update on my honeychick homestead blog.

      Take care,


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