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Updated January 2018

When I originally started my site in April 2014, I had no idea 6 months later I’d be traveling to Germany for thymus and stem cell treatment at Infuiso. I thought I would mostly write about my homesteading adventures. I was excited to connect with other homesteaders, gardeners, and beekeepers and learn from them. Instead, my site has mostly focused on my treatment at Infusio and how I’ve been doing since.

I am happy that I was able to provide more information about thymus and stem cell treatment for Lyme. At the time I had treatment (October 2014), the only Infusio location was in Frankfurt and stem cells for Lyme weren’t even an option in US. Now in 2018, there are several options in the US and worldwide, it is truly amazing!

Over the past 3 years, I have personally spoken who a multitude of people via phone and have corresponded with many via email. At one point, I was have 3-4 calls per week and those calls averaged 1-2 hours and I answered several in depth emails a week. It quickly became too much for one person, especially when I still had to manage our homestead, attend nutrition school, explore alternative family building, update my blog, and deal with some minor health issues!

One thing I noticed is almost every time I talked or emailed with someone, very few people had actually read the content I worked hard to share on my site. 😦

It seemed most read my recent post and then contacted to me to talk. I would spend 1-2 hours on the phone restating almost everything already covered on my blog. This eventually became annoying!

I understand it is always nice to have someone to talk with one on one. I literally was only able to fine 2 people who’d been to Infusio before I had to make my decision to have treatment. Now, there are several Facebook groups and many others blogging about stem cells.

Based on my experience during the past 3 years, I decided the best way for me to be sure people spent the time my blog before reaching out to talk is to charge a small fee for phone calls.  I’m not doing this because I need the income, I hope the fee will weed out people who aren’t willing to take time to read the content I’ve spent hundreds of hours comprising.

Therefore, effective January 2018, I will be charging $25 per hour if you’d like to chat via phone or $25 per email reply. I am still happy to talk or email with you, I just hoping charging a fee will encourage people to read my content first before  contacting me to ask questions that are answered here. I promise, a majority of your questions can be found on my blog.

Reading my updates, my Q&A posts, and the posts I wrote while in Germnay should answer most questions. I’ve included links to my most recent posts here:

December 2019 – My 5 year stem anniversary 

June 2017 – my most recent update

June Q&A

My post treatment updates 

Infusio Interviews – updates from others who’s been to Infusio Frankfurt. I hope to get more recent updates at some point. 

Treatment plans I did prior to Infusio

My Lyme Story

After reading the content, if you’d  still like to talk with me personally either via phone or email, please email me at honeychickhomestead@gmail.com. If you want to know more about me and why I started this blog, check out my “About Jen” page.




82 thoughts on “Contact Jen

  1. Hi Jen Since I work for Cargill (Nutrena products) This web site may be helpful for your chickens. I am excited for you getting your chickens!!!

  2. I cannot read your new post on Lorde. It says the page is missing 😦

  3. How are you doing with the Lyme? Any update?

    • Hi Marnie,

      Yes, I’ve been feeling better and doing lots of research. I will be writing a post about my Infusio consult in a couple days.

      • Hi Jen,

        I hope things in Germany are going well- and Happy Anniversary!

        I have found your blog in doing a lot of research on Stem Cell options for Lyme. I think we share the same doctor? I live in South San Francisco- and see PFM in Redwood City.

        Anyway- my question for you is: how did you decide on Infusio? I am torn between Germany, Panama, and India. I consider Germany/Infusio to be younger and India to be more experienced? I believe they both use different methods- Panama and India culture cells from your body fat while Infusio uses cells from your blood? Is there evidence to suggest one is better than the other?

        I am very, very serious about getting stem cell treatments for my Lyme/CFS, and would love to hear more about your recent trip and your decision process.

        Thanks, and good health-


      • Hi Louis, things are going great here in Germany! My last treatment is today. I chose Infuiso based on my LLND at PFM’s recommendation. I felt the most comfortable with this clinic since he was familiar with them. I decided quickly and didn’t do much research on stem cell treatment options in other countries. I liked that Infusio used my own stem cells. Infusio works with a stem cell clinic here in Germany that is very experienced and well known. I’d love to chat with you via phone about my experience when I get home.

        I’ll be in touch again soon! Take care, Jen

      • Hey Jen,

        If you don’t mind, can you give me a basic summary of how you felt 12 months ago, 6 months ago, and currently?

        Glad to hear Infusio went so well, and that’s you’re feeling good!

        Thank you,



      • Hi Louis,

        Sorry for my late reply, I caught my husband’s cold and I’ve been trying to stay rested! It was interesting to have a cold without Lyme symptoms 🙂

        12 months ago I felt pretty good, I’d say I was at 80-90%, I’d have periodic symptoms but at that time I thought I was really close to full remission.

        6 months ago, I felt pretty bad, I’d say 40-50%. I was on a lot of antibiotics and I felt”toxic.” I have my treatment plans posted so you can see what I was taking during that time.

        Currently, I feel GREAT! I didn’t know I could feel this good! Besides the cold, I’ve felt good since I got home. I’m not taking anything for Lyme and co-infections, and I still feel good! The only thing Infusio wants me to take for the next 90 days is Vitamin D and Zinc. I’m still adjusting to the fact that I don’t need to take tons of supplements, it’s really cool and also strange at the same time. Let me know if there are any other questions you have, or if you’d like to chat via phone.

        Blessings, Jen

    • Hi Marnie, I’ve slowly started to feel better, and getting caught up on things. I’ve Been working on a post and hope to have it complete by tomorrow!

  4. Jen,

    A fellow Lymie, looking forward to reading about Infusio. Will either read here or yahoo group.

    Good Luck in Germany!


  5. HI Jen! I saw Philip this summer in LA and went through his 5 week thymus therapy. Upon re-testing he is very certain that my long time Lupus diagnosis is actually Lyme! I am not surprised by this at all for many reasons. He suggested I go to Germany! I am definitely considering it and am thrilled to find your blog. Happy healing and I look forward to your posts. A woman above named Anita said you spoke with a woman named Chrystie. If it is possible at all, I would love the opportunity to speak with her as well about her experience there. Thank you in advance! Sahara 🙂

  6. Understood. And of course. You are kind to even check in with her. If all goes well it looks like I will be going to Germany in early Nov! And if you have any other contacts of people who have gone who are willing to share their experience, I would love to know about them as well. I hope things are going as you had hoped so far! Sending good healing vibes from LA to you!! 😃

    • Hi Sahara, I’m so glad you are thinking about making the trip to Germany! I know the Stephen, the executive assistant can provide you with contacts who’ve been treated. I did talk with a former patient named Nanci, I think you can get her contact info from Stephen. Right now, the four other people here for treatment are all from Southern California. Thanks so much for the encouragement 🙂

  7. Yes yes! I am in good touch with Stephen! He’s wonderful! And I spoke with Nanci yesterday! 😄. And yes, I can ask him for additional contacts as well. I am trying to do my homework and gather as much information from people as I can. You are a delight for writing back! Heal, heal, heal!!

  8. I look forward to that!

  9. I came across your blog, after talking to Chrystie (who’s a friend of a friend and lives in my area). She told me all about Infusio, and DR Phil, and also DR Cole. Doing a little research led me to your blog, and I am really enjoying hearing about your experiences in Germany, and even your gardening back home! I have chronic Lyme, and of course many health issues because of that.
    Is there anywhere on your blog (maybe I just need to do more searching), where you talk about the different health issues/symptoms you have because of your lyme?
    Thanks so much!! I now look forward to getting updates on your blog in my inbox 🙂
    God Bless…Diane Dahlin

  10. This site was… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something which helped me.


  11. Hi – I would love to talk to you in person about Infusio. I live In the SF Bay Area and have had Lyme et. al. for 11 years. Have tried everything and still struggle w many symptoms and low energy. I loosely follow the WAPF diet as well.


  12. Thank you for reaching out to me in my post to Yolanda Foster. I have read with great interest your Lyme story as well as your recent success in Germany with alternative treatment. I am a mom of a 23 year old daughter that has been sick all her life and is very ill now. She definitely has Lyme and co infections and we didn’t figure it out until a year and 1/2 ago. There is only one Lyme doctor in the state of Oklahoma and he correctly diagnosed it but he only does one protocol and that is the Marshall protocol which made my daughter very ill and made me very nervous because it is so bizarre. After abandoning that idea; we bought a RIFE machine and now that is sitting idle; she has been to a few alternative folks here in our area but nothing is better. She has an appt. with a Dr. Crist in Missouri now and at least that is driving distance for us but I know exactly what the treatment is going to be; years of antibiotics and that scares me but she has to have help in some capacity! I need to know if you would please, what is the cost of going to the Fusion clinic and getting the stem cell injection; not including the flight or hotels or anything; just a total for your entire deal? I can start saving now and someday take her. I would take her to the ends of the earth if I know there is true help and I have anyway to pay for it. I’m sorry this is so long. I’m happy for you and your new found health and you are such a positive person and I wish you the best.

    • Hi Marla,

      Thank you for contacting me. I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s extremely difficult experience with Lyme and co-infections.

      From what I’ve learned on my journey, I definitely think antibiotics can be of great help initially. The short courses I took in the beginning of my treatments really helped knock down my microbial overload. The herbal remedies my Lyme ND gave me were also very powerful.

      I encourage you to apply for a LymeLight treatment grant on behalf of your daughter. They give grants to kids up to age 25, so she still qualifies. You can find the application via their website and I think they will be reviewing grant applications again in January.

      I’m happy that you were able to find a Lyme literate doctor, even if they are far away. I had to drive an hour one way to my Lyme ND’s office.

      The average cost for treatment at Infusio is between $20,000-$40,000, which includes accommodations. You can contact Infusio directly and they can give you a cost estimate based on your daughter’s situation.

      I hope your daughter can find some improvement with her new doctor. And don’t forgot to apply for a Limelight treatment grant!

      Blessings, Jen

      • Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. I will look into the Limelight grant for sure. I knew treatment at Infusio had to be expensive but it is even more than I could have believed! Does the estimated cost include the stem cell injection you received? Do you need to return for additional stem cell injections over the next few years? I am so hopeful for you and I do really appreciate you sharing your journey on this blog.

  13. Hi Jen, thanks for the reply on yolanda;s site. that was nice of you as i am trying to figure this out. Can you call me at 310-425-9566. Thanks

  14. Hello Jen,
    My husband would love to speak with you more about your experience at Infusion. Email is tburg2010@gmail.com . Many thanks for willingness to share. Jan

  15. Hi Jen, you contacted me on Yolanda site. Would love it if you called. I have so many questions. can you email me first and i will send you my cell number

  16. Hi Jen! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you. I went to Infusio Germany last month!! Got back in early November. We have lots to discuss, eh?! 🙂

  17. Hi Jenn! I have Lyme and am considering Infusio soon. I’ve spoken with Steven and Dr. Phil on the phone a few times. Will you call me to discuss your experience and treatment? I also want to know if you have had amalgams or osteonecrotic lesions / cavitations removed as part of your Lyme treatment. Thanks so much for your time!

    • Hi Traci! I got your voicemail abd called you bsck last week. I left a message at the number you gave me. When is a good time for me to call you? I have time tomorrow afternoon/evening and on Sunday afternoon. I’ve never has amalgams or other dental work 🙂

  18. Tomorrow afternoon is great! Thank you!!

  19. Hi Jen!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing your Lyme story as well as documenting your experience with Infusio! I have SUCH a long history (like most Lyme patients!) and although I’m sure this must sound crazy, I believe I was meant to find you and your blog and that Infusio might be the answer for me, too. I was hoping you might be willing to email me privately sometime so I can ask you a few questions about your treatment/experience? To be honest, I’m not even sure where to start or what to ask, but I am in desperate need of some hope and I think speaking with you just might provide that :). Thank you!


    • Hi Kaylie,

      I’m so glad you found my blog, and that it’s been helpful!

      I don’t think you sound crazy at all!! I would love to answer any questions you have about Infusio.

      I’ve found it’s easiest to talk via phone. If you prefer to email me, that’s fine too.

      Please email me at honeychickhomestead@gmail.com with any questions. Or email me know some days and times that we can talk via phone. I’m available to chat starting Sat. 1/5/15.

      I look forward to talking with you!



  20. Hi Jen. My name is Crystal and my 13yr old daughter has lyme and we are desperate for a cure! We currently are looking into a Germany trip and are currently fundraising to get her there. However if we can get the same thing closer to home that would be amazing! Please please can you email me or maybe chat on the phone I have so many questions.

  21. Hello Jen, I am so grateful to have found your blog, thanks so much for sharing your experience. Im considering infusio and have a few questions, Would love to chat if possible over phone. Thanks so much!

  22. Hi Jen! I am a 34 year old, athletic, and adventurous woman. I was recently diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease (2 weeks ago today) using the western blot test thru Igenex in California. I do not think I have many symptoms, but that”s probably b/c I have been living with them so long I am just accustom to them. I still work my full time job and I am involved in a million different activities.

    I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue and chronic mono back in August 2012, and my back recently went out on me in November. My psychiatrist noticed I had a positive marker for Lyme from the 2012 test and sent me for further testing.

    How in the world did you take on this disease? After reading everything I could get my hands on for the past 14 days, I am feeling a little hopeless. I go to church regularly, attend bible studies and fellowship with many Christians. However, I feel like I am starting a battle against something that I am unsure if I can beat..

    How did you decide which doctor and treatment wold be best?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Courtney,

      I’m so glad you contacted me! Welcome to the wonderful world of Lyme 🙂 Your sense that you “don’t have many symptoms because you’ve probably been living with them” is a great observation.

      Before my diagnosis, I was similar to you, I worked full time, was adventurous (still am), and did physical activity on a regular basis. I also just thought all my health “issues” were just how I “was.” As you start to heal, it’s amazing to see how many things were related to Lyme.

      I can say with certainty that all but one or two issues I had were Lyme related. These last two, shortness of breath and fertility issues are the two I’m still trying to determine if they are because of Lyme or not. I’m about 99.5% sure the fertility issues were related. The shortness of breath, still waiting to see.

      It sounds like you done lots of research since getting your test results, which is also common. I did the same thing, and it was overwhelming. I want to encourage you to not think for one minute that you can’t beat Lyme, YOU CAN! When I was diagnosed I was so relieved to find an answer to all my aliments and was dead set on getting rid of the bugs for good. It took 3 years but I believe with God’s help, I have accomplished that.

      Regarding how I choose my doctor, I really wanted to do things as naturally as possible so I specifically choose a Lyme literate ND. I used this link to find a doctor close to me. http://www.lymediseaseassociation.org/index.php/doctors since there is so much controversy with treating Lyme, doctor don’t usually “advertise” that they treat Lyme. Thankfully, there was an ND within an hour of me. Many people travel far distances to see their Lyme doctor, and my ND has several patients from out of state. I love my Lyme ND, he’s super down to earth, caring, and he was a huge part in my recovery!

      I did mostly herbals with short courses of antibiotics (no longer than 6 months). I think initially the antibiotics were helpful to knock down my overall bacterial load but I’m not sure how much they helped later on.

      If you’re willing to, I’d love to talk with via phone and answer your questions about how to took on Lyme and any others you may have. I’m happy to email you to, but I find talking with people is usually easier. Please email me at honeychickhomestead@gmail.com with your phone number and when is a good time to chat. I have time until Friday this week, and after that I won’t be available till March 20th.



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  24. Hi Jen,

    First, thank you for your website and blog about Lyme! 🙂 I have Lyme for going on 20 years, and have been treating it in a variety of ways, with ups and downs through the years. I’m 48, and at a point I want to try something different. I’m considering treatment in Reno and Infusio. Would you mind emailing me on the best way to get started with Infusio…a consultation, etc.? I’m working on it, but want to know what you found easiest. I’m in the process of reading your blog now. I live in Chico, CA.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Kari!

      I’m so glad you found my blog and grateful that you find it helpful! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had Lyme for so long 😦 I got your email and just replied! Feel free to email me if you have any more questions. Blessings, Jen

  25. I talked to you about taking my daughter to Infusio ! We leave Saturday for 2 weeks of treatment!!! Thank you for helping us make our very prayed about decision!!! God used you. Email me and tell us how to give u reports!!

    • Hi Maribeth!

      I am so sorry I’m late replying to you! That was a quick decision, just like mine! I hope your travel to Germany was easy and that her first day of treatment went well. I am so happy she has the chance to get treatment at Infusio, what a blessing! I sent you an email with some helpful hints for Frankfurt (I really just need to put them up on the blog!) and the before and after questions. If you don’t get my email, please reply to this comment and let me know. Thank you so much for being willing to take the time to answer the questions. It will be a great help to others! Blessings!!! Jen

  26. Hi Jen- Just found your blog and site via a friend that sent me the info on Infuzio.I live in the east bay (ca) and my youngest son has neuro lyme- paranoia , anxiety, etc.
    He has had conventional treatments of ABX and some herbs, homeopathics etc and it is all resurfacing again.
    I am interested in this treatment as a possibility for him.

    Is the first step to connect with the doc on Marin?

    Thank you so much for all the info!


    • Hi Shelia,

      Your welcome, I’m glad my site was helpful! Right now, I don’t think Phil is traveling to Marin. He’s been busy getting the LA office open. You can schedule a consultation appointment with him or Sara Whitney at that location. Call LA office at 1 (888) 605 6579 to make an appointment. Let me know if you have any more questions.

  27. Jen,
    This is a great website especially for Infusio. I would like to connect with you via email. Can you email me?
    Another Jen

  28. I am interested in discussing Infusio with you. How do we go about that?

  29. Jen- having difficulty emailing you. Can you give me a call re Infusio? Also, do you have an update on Madison? Thanks!

    • Hi there,

      Sorry about the email issue….is it bouncing back?

      I can call you just need a phone number and let me know when a good time is for you. The soonest I can talk is next week as I am hosting a celebration of life for a friend who recently passed away and also working on a presentation for school. I’m available next Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.

      I’ve asked Madison for an update and we’ve spoken via phone but she has yet to send me anything. I’ve asked her if I can write it for her and I’m just waiting for her permission. Hopefully she will get back to me soon!
      Blessings, Jen

  30. Hi Jen- I just started treatment at Infusio Beverly Hills. I’m terrified of stem cells and have read your blog and others’. It has not work for some. 😦 Wondering if you’d be willing to communicate briefly your experience. How sick were you before you got there? How well are you now? I am a health and wellness coach (when I’m “well”) and want to help my clients get the newest, latest, optimal health. As well as myself. I’m a fellow lymie and have been on again off again sick for 6 years. Grateful for your reply. Thank you! Laylee

  31. Hi Jen
    I’m curious if you ended up using Infusio for stem cell therapy? If so how are you doing and if not what alternative did you use and how are you doing 🙂

    I was an avid marathon runner health nut up until 3 years ago. I have an unofficial diagnosis of Lyme(tests were suspect but not conclusive) and Bartonella (tests showed exposure but still non specific). I went through lots of different symptoms but the lingering and more persistent symptoms are now peripheral neuropathy. Burning, freezing, tingling feet and also painful to walk or stand.

    treatments I’ve tried that have done nothing: Lyme-N, 4 months of oral antibiotics including Bactrim, rifampin, minocycline, tons of supplements. Glutathione oral and IV, PK iv protocol

    Thank you for any info!



  32. Jen
    I’m going to email you in hopes of talking to you in some capacity about infusio.

  33. Hi Jen, I am considering doing Infusio in Germany and wanted to get some feedback from your experience. I was looking for a direct email for you but could not find one. Would you mind emailing me? Asa1178@gmail.com

  34. Hello,

    I’m considering infusio and would appreciate speaking with you. Please contact me.

  35. Hey Jen,
    I noticed you have not posted in a long time and I pray you are doing well. I would love to hear an update as I have been considering going to Infusio for treatment but would love to hear from some people that are a couple of years out.

  36. Hi I have done extensive research and considering sending my mother to Germany for cancer treatment. However, it is hard not to be skeptical about sending a loved one to another country on a limb that they will come back in better health. Please share with me your opinion on recommending.

  37. I have been diagnosed with progressive systemic sclerosis and i was wondering whether Dr. Michael can treat it? What is the cost for the treatment?


  38. We are considering going to Frankfurt for cancer treatment for prostrate cancer- early stage. Have you met anyone there going through cancer treatment? Thank you!

  39. Hi Jen would you mind emailimg me at jdidonato04@gmail.com would like to speak with you thankyou jennifer

  40. I was wondering if the stem cell treatment work for rheumatoid arthritis? Thank you! ~Karin

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