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San Francisco Bay Area & Santa Cruz Sources for Real Food

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For readers in my general vicinity, local, organic food is abundant, and easily accessible!

Whether you’re already eating real food or just getting started, I hope my list will make it a more practical and affordable option.

Keep in mind, the premise behind a CSA is that your investing in the farm. Your pre-paid subscription helps them finance the upcoming season. You’ll need to be prepared to pay in full for your subscription, however, some offer monthly payment options.

Here’s my local favorites.

Santa Cruz Farmer Markets

I know this is obvious, but I had to include them! During the spring and summer, there is market almost every day. Each market has a great selection. When I need to stock up on meaty pieces and bones for my homemade beef broth, I visit Old Creek Ranch at this market.

Live Earth Farm

I love this farm! This CSA broadened my veggie horizons, and changed my habit of always eating the same vegetables! When I worked full-time, their CSA box was a huge timesaver because it cut down the time I spent grocery shopping.

Their 44 delivery locations span from San Mateo to Monterey. Another thing I love about Live Earth, is their Discovery Program. It teaches under served youth about farm based nutrition. I could probably write an entire post about them…..so I’ll stop before this gets too long! Check out their website to learn more about what they offer.

Family Friendly Farms

This wonderful farm is located in Grass Valley, CA and they offer pasture raised beef, lamb, pork, and chicken. You can place individual and bulk orders via their website. They also sell soup bones for your homemade broth.

Real Food Bay Area

I love Real Food Bay Area!! When I worked full-time, this CSA was huge timesaver! Now that I stay home, I don’t order as often. They make weekly deliveries to Marin, Peninsula, East Bay, San Jose, and Ben Lomond. They offer pasture raised meat, soy and corn free eggs, and all types of nutrient dense prepared food options.  My favorite prepared food is from Three Stone Hearth. Three Stone Hearth is a community supported kitchen located in Berkeley. They prepare soups, stews, baked casseroles, healthy sweets, and cereals. Some of my favorite things are Threes Stone Hearth’s  homemade granola, and chicken liver pate.

Santa Cruz Local Foods

Santa Cruz Local Foods has the best price locally for pastured eggs. Their site allows you to order CSA type boxes, or choose your items individually. If you only want to order one item, you can! You don’t pay for a subscription, you just pay for what you order. It’s a great, commitment free way to save when buying local food. They deliver to drop sites throughout Santa Cruz County.

There are many more local options, I just highlighted those I’ve personally used. Here’s a few more I thought of while writing this post, Fogline Farm, Fiesta Farms, and Route 1 Farms.

Get out there and support our local farmers!

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