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After Infusio – My Updates



Here you’ll find posts about how I’ve been doing since completing my treatments at Infusio in Frankfurt, Germany.

Two and Half  Year Update – June 2017

One and Half Year Update – May 2016

Belated One Year Update – written December 2015, published March 2016

Six – Nine Month Update 8/23/15

Four and Five Month Update 3/13/15

Three Month Update 2/4/15

Two Month Update 12/28/14

One Month Update 11/25/14

Two Week Update 11/5/14

3 thoughts on “After Infusio – My Updates

  1. I am so happy I came across your story. My niece has Lymes disease and has been to countless doctors, healers, and specialists the past few years. She has had her appendix removed, knee surgery, been on cancer medication, the list goes on. She is 17 years old and exhausted and in pain. Her immune system is shot like yours was. Your posts have given me hope for my niece. Ultimately it is her parents decision and of course they are paralyzed with fear. I hope they decide to do infusio instead of masking symptoms.

  2. Hi Jen! Do you have a 1 year update?

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