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Infusio – Day Nine


October 16, 2014 was my ninth day at Infusio and it was also my 15 wedding anniversary! What a way to celebrate 🙂 I’m glad we were able to spend the weekend in Paris and celebrate early!

I didn’t get any treatments yesterday because it was stem cell injection day. Today, I got lots of “goodies”, including a massage. Bodywork is part of the five steps to health at Infusio, and the treatment plan they recommended included a one massage for each week I was here.

After my treatments, I felt very tired and took a long nap. As I mentioned earlier, it was my 15th wedding anniversary, so we decided to celebrate perusing the Frankfurt’s Konstablerwache Farmer’s Market, and we went to a wonderful bakery called Konditorei Chocolaterie Jochen Optiz. I rarely eat sweets, but figured our anniversary was a good excuse to cheat!

One thing I’ve loved about Germany is they don’t allow GMO foods, so even if something isn’t organic, you still can avoid the GMO’s. Sweet things like cake, also have much less sugar than in the U.S., and you can taste something else beside sugar and/or artificial flavors.

Here’s the summary of my treatments for day nine, my total treatment time was four hours. 

Michael reviewed my scan and said everything looked really good. My microorganism count had decreased significantly since my first scan. Although your body never gets rid of every microorganism, when the measurement is near or below 20% they are manageable for the immune system. Borrelia and babesia did not show up, and he said that’s very typical for 80% of their Lyme patients. If they don’t show up on my last scan, then I’ll be considered free of both microorganisms!

It showed my adaptive immune system was being used much less than when I arrived. This was good news, because the adaptive immune system is responsible for acquired immunity and creates immunological memory to specific pathogens.

The scan also showed I was more sensitive to treatments on that day and that’s a common occurrence after the stem cell injection. It was interesting because that day’s thymus injection gave me a “tingling” sensation for a few minutes after.

That’s it for day nine, I’m looking forward to day ten!

If you’d like to know more about my Infusio experience, please contact me. I’m happy to speak with you via phone, or connect via email.

2 thoughts on “Infusio – Day Nine

  1. Wow – what awesome news! 🙂

  2. Yes your anniversary is a good time to splurge on something yummy! I hope your treatments are going well there in Germany … I too would appreciate the non GMOs in the food.

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