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Should I Work During Lyme Treatment?

This time of year always reminds me of my former job in the exciting, crazy, and stressful mortgage industry. Why you ask? Because two years ago this month, I was laid off illegally fired from my job of eleven years, maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to tell that story.

The topic of continuing to work during treatment is important to consider when you’ve been diagnosed with Lyme. When I was diagnosed, I found lots of stories of people not working and on disability. I never found anything that addressed working during treatment. Continuing to work while undergoing Lyme treatments can be difficult, but I personally don’t believe it’s impossible, and I know two people who’ve worked during treatment.

A few things my old job required was working within extremely tight deadlines, being an expert at multitasking, having excellent written, verbal, and problem solving skills, providing clear communication to clients, and supporting junior staff. I was able to do ALL of those things fairly easily before starting treatment, and I often found the fast paced environment of my job exciting.

All of that DRASTICALLY changed after I began Lyme treatment. Since my diagnosis in 2012, I’d considered quitting my job numerous times because many days it was VERY difficult to work. Even getting ready for work was hard!

Unfortunately, prioritizing my health and well-being instead of my job was problematic for someone like me who has hardworking, midwestern roots. And I will stereotype here and say in general, Midwesterner’s put an extremely high value our jobs and working hard. We feel bad letting people down and have a difficult time putting ourselves first. Quitting because your sick isn’t our nature!

I know many have to quit working before they even know they have Lyme; however, if you’re like me, and have been working prior to being diagnosed, this post is for you.

If you’re an employer or co-worker of someone with Lyme, I hope this post will shed some light on why that person suddenly seems “off,” and I hope this helps you understand what they are experiencing.

I’m going to keep this post really REAL, so let me start off saying this …….

The treatment for Lyme, in my opinion, is as difficult or harder than chemotherapy. The protocols will be intense. I met someone who’d had Cancer before Lyme, and she said Cancer treatments were much less intense than her Lyme treatments. This partly may be due to society having compassion for those with Cancer. People undergoing Cancer treatments are encouraged to stop working and focus on recovering.

With Lyme, it’s not the same. There is very little knowledge of what Lyme is, how it’s treated, how difficult treatments are, and how long it takes to get better. I say this not to start a Cancer vs. Lyme battle, they are both horrible! I bring this up because many have no idea about the intensity of Lyme treatment or how long it can take to get better.

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Take A Bite Out Of Lyme!


The Take A Bite Out Of Lyme Challenge has gotten off to a great start! It’s so simple, anyone can participate!

Here’s how to help spread awareness about Lyme Disease.

Follow the three easy steps below and donate $10 to ILADS. Prefer not to take the bite? That’s okay too! Donate $100 to ILADS instead. All donations accepted here.

1. TAKE A BITE: Bite a lime and TAKE A PHOTO OR A  SHORT VIDEO of the act – the more sourpuss your face, the better (and funnier!).

2. SHARE A FACT: State ONE BRIEF FACT ABOUT LYME DISEASE, such as the facts provided below. You can say them in your video, write them on your photo, or include them in your post. Help spread the TRUE facts about Lyme Disease!

3. PASS IT ON: Keep the campaign going — CHALLENGE THREE OTHER PEOPLE – your friends, family, whomever! – to take a bite! Mention them in your video or if you do a photo tag them in your post.

Here the video of me taking a bite out of a lime!


Now it’s your turn! In addition to those I challenged in the video, I encourage anyone reading this post to take a bite too! Help bring more awareness about Lyme Disease!

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May, the Perfect Month to be Ticked Off

I love the spring, growing up I think it was my second favorite season, summer was the first. It was nice to have warmer temperatures, and no more snow. Things began to bloom, and everyone seemed happier! And I got to spend more time outside, YAY! Since spring is when most of us get back to our yard work, gardening, etc. it seems appropriate that May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. I thought it’d also be appropriate to share what I do to protect myself. Continue reading