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My 5 Year Stem Anniversary Update!


WOW, time has flown by! 

I cannot believe it has been over 5 years since my stem cell, thymus, and supportive therapies for Lyme and co-infections. The five year mark seems like a perfect reason for an update!

I have been doing well since my last update 2 1/2 years ago. 

Over the past 2 1/2 years I’ve:

  • I graduated with honors from the nutrition consultant program from Bauman College. 
  • Started my nutrition consulting business, Flourishing Health.
  • Continued building our urban homestead. 
  • Tent camped numerous times, without concern for tick bites
  • Got to the root cause of our unexplained infertility.
  • Took vacations to far away places like Bali, without fear being bit by ticks or getting sick.
  • Worked with a mindset coach to help release negative emotions/thought patterns, and post Lyme stress.
  • Stayed healthy and no relapse’s, even through a very stressful few months in fall 2018.
  • Had my first podcast interview, more to come in 2020!

I found myself on vacation in Germany during my 5 year ‘stem anniversary’ and took the opportunity to take a quick visit to see the wonderful Michael Wittstadt at his clinic Villa Medigrun in Otzberg, Germany. 

It was super fun to see Michael again! I feel extremely fortunate that he was still working with Infusio when I had my treatments in 2014. I am very happy he decided to open his own clinic, which has allowed him to provide high quality, attentive, and individualized care to this patients.


My 5 year stem anniversary photo with Michael Wittstadt

Here’s a snippet of Villa Medigrun’s ‘About’ section on Facebook

“First of all: We are naturopaths in our practice, and we work together with MDs in other practices and towns. We offer stem cell therapy since 2016, but our experience with stem cells goes back to 2013, especially in the treatment of tick borne disease. We opened this place to offer patients blood stem cells from peripheral blood or bone marrow because we believe that these stem cells have the biggest impact on the immune system and can also trigger repair in distant areas like the brain or in muscles. We are working together with experts in their fields to give you the best chances for a positive outcome and to limit side effects to a minimum. We just like to cooperate and learn, therefore we also share our protocols with your home care provider if necessary and we are always open about our procedures and what we are using. Transparency is the foundation for trust!”

Villa Medigrun is located in the village of Otzberg, 31 miles from Frankfurt Airport. It took me about a hour to get to the clinic via Deutsche Bahn, the German public transportation system. I was easily able to find my way using the DBB app on my phone and even purchase my tickets via the app. I believe if you are a patient booked for treatment, Villa Medigrun will arrange for staff to pick you up from the airport. 

Otzberg is a quiet village, there is a grocery store and a couple restaurants within walking distance of the clinic. My understanding is most people stay at Airbnb’s near the clinic during their treatment. Michael said he picked this location because it was more peaceful than Frankfurt and has better air quality. Apparently, Frankfurt has some of the worst air quality in Germany! 

One of Michael’s main reasons for opening Villa Medigrun was his desire to provide more comprehensive treatment post stem cells. The minimum treatment time at his clinic is 3 weeks, instead of the 2 weeks that was standard at Infusio. He feels  working with patient’s an extra week for supportive therapies allows his patients to be more stable upon returning home.

The clinic is located on the 2nd floor in a beautiful stone building. It feels warm, inviting, and peaceful. The ceilings are tall and the color scheme of the clinic is white, light gray, and complimented by green accents. Every treatment room has a picture of nature or trees. There are separate rooms for IV’s, colon hydrotherapy, massage, and yoga.

During my visit, Micheal was “kind” enough to let me try the infamous “green drink,”  also know as  artemisinin. It was intense but a bit easier to drink than some of the bitter Chinese herbal formulas I’ve taken over the years! This green drink is used as the “killing agent” instead of IV dioxychlor treatment that I had at Infusio.  I also was finally able to meet the famous Elke, who was off when I had my treatments at Infusio. 

Micheal and I talked a bit about diet and we both agreed there is no “ideal’ diet for Lyme. Everyone’s body is different and we both also agree it is most important that people do what feels right for their body. My diet is drastically different today than when I was actively treating my infections. I also changed my diet as needed while treating. I think it is very important to remember that dietary flexibility may be required to recover. Be willing to try new things if your current diet isn’t working, even if a particular diet seems to be working for everyone else!

Near the end of my visit, I was kind of bummed I hadn’t schedule a week of supportive therapies. Guess I’ll need to take a trip back to Germany!

I personally feel that Michael and the team at Villa Medigrun are the best option for those considering thymus, stem cell, and supportive therapies for Lyme and co-infections. I believe thymus therapy is a huge asset to those with immune dysfunction and I do not know of any other clinics, besides Villa Medigrun and Infusio, that offers this helpful therapy. Michael is very aware of the potential for histamine issues post stems cells and I believe only one patient since the clinic opened 2 years ago has experienced histamine issues. Besides keeping his patients an extra week, Michael also runs a full blood and stool panel on every patient, this allows him to further customize treatments. Michael has also had success treating people with COPD and Hashimoto’s.

Here’s the list of treatments offered at Villa Medigrun as of October 2019.

  • Autologous bone marrow and fat stem cell therapy
  • Ozone treatments in blood, anally, sinuses, or on the skin
  • Oxygen therapy according to Regelsberger
  • Hypersound therapy (sophisticated TENS)
  • BEMER treatments
  • Intravenous laser therapy
  • IV therapies that include:
    • Cats claw
    • EGCG,
    • Licorice
    • Alkalizing IV’s
    • Chelation
    • High dose vitamin C 
    • B-vitamins, including methylated versions
    • NADH
    • Germanium, 
    • Myers cocktails can be modified with choline, zinc, etc.Thymus and other peptides
  • Injections
    • Homeopathic’s like Metavirulent or HEEL products
    • Thymus and other peptides
  • Neural therapy in trigger points
  • Massage
  • Yoga
  • Oral supplements – too many to list!

I can say with confidence that if you are considering stem cell and supportive therapies, that Villa Medigrun should be on the top of you list!

Currently, for English speaking inquiries, the best way to contact Villa Medigrun is via their Facebook page. The clinic does have a website that is currently only in German, the English version is coming soon.

If you are in the United States, Michael typically makes a two trips a year to have consultations with potential patients. He often makes stops in New York and Dallas, Texas area. He is hoping to add the California Bay Area on his next trip in 2020. I recommend following Villa Medigrun on Facebook to keep with his travel schedule.

If you want to learn more about stem cell therapy in general, the Facebook group, Stem Cell and Exosomes Focus Group is extremely informative.  

I do not plan on reviving this blog, however I will try to update occasionally as the years go by.  If you want to keep up with me follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I host several online classes and offer remote nutrition consulting.

Wherever you are in the your Lyme journey, know that you can get better and life a healthy and full life. Do not doubt your body’s amazing ability to heal! I wish you an amazing new year and new decade!

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Q&A – June 2017

Wow, after putting this post together, I realized I should have been answering questions this way for the past 2 1/2 years!

I’ve complied all the questions I’ve received in the past couple months into this one post. I hope sharing the questions and answers here will be more helpful that me replying individually.

I’ll plan on answering questions this way in the future and if I get more questions, I’ll try my best to do a Q&A post monthly. Continue reading


My 2 1/2 Year After Infusio Update…and my “official” hiatus post

Well hello stranger!

If you’ve visited this blog in the past 8-ish months, I am sure it’s obvious that I’ve been taking a break. I made the decision last fall but I never wrote an “official” hiatus post…..so here’s the “official” post 🙂

**Disclaimer** this is a LONG post but I’m covering lots and this will probably be my last post for a few months!

My hiatus is NOT due to health issues or a relapse of Lyme! I still do not have any Lyme symptoms, that’s right, ZERO Lyme symptoms!

I did wear out my adrenals during my 2015 road trip and realized taking that trip was too much, too soon. It took me almost a year to get things back to normal and the month leading up to that trip was extremely stressful, which added to my adrenals being exhausted. Continue reading


After Infusio – Robyn’s 10 Month Update

Robyn lives a couple hours away from the Infusio clinic in Los Angeles, so she’s been able to have in person, follow up appointments since her 100 day mark earlier this year.  She emailed me an update on July 28th, which included a detailed recap of what’s happened in the 10 months since her treatment in Germany. I will also include the links to her previous updates at the bottom of this post. Here’s Robyn’s most recent update:

Treatment dates: September 21 – October 2, 2015

I know everyone is hopeful about Infusio’s stem cell protocol. Unfortunately, at 10 months post treatment, my symptoms have NOT improved and continue to be chronic insomnia, chronic daily headaches, and fatigue. I’m sad that the blood stem cell treatment did not work. I’ve restarted a Chinese Herb protocol as per Dr. Sara of Infusio. Here is my summary. I hope it helpful to someone else.

Consultation to 10 Month Summary Post Infusio

July 2015: Consultation with Dr. Philip at Infusio, Beverly Hills. The Global Diagnostic showed a “2” for Borrelia2 (they test for Borrelia and Borrelia 2) . “2” for Babesia and “2” for TBE (Tick Borne Encephalitis). I had been on antibiotics, Ceftin, Azithromycin, Plaquenil, and Mepron for 4 years. For 2 of those years I was added the Buhner protocol herbs. I was on all of these during  the Global Diagnostic Consultation. Most of my systems were heavily taxed including my immune system. I went to Infusio Germany in late September 2015 for the 10 day IV treatment and stem cells treatment. The stem cell treatment extracts your stem cells from a pint size blood drawn and grows your stem cells for a week, in a culture.

  • I stopped all antibiotics and herbs 2 months prior to arriving in Germany.
  • I did 11 shots of Thymus prior to arriving in Germany. I had another 10 shots of Thymus while at Infusio.
  • I had 605,000 stem cells harvested from my blood
  • 7 days later, after growing in a culture, I received 2,740,000 stem cells back via injection in my upper left arm
    • Jen here, I thought it’d be helpful to share a couple other stem cell recipients counts after one week. From what I understand the more that grow in a week, the better the outcome.
    • Me: Original amount of stem cells harvested was 1,390,000. Dr Michael said the “vitality” of my stem cells was at 90%, which is lower than average, most people have a vitality of 95%. After one week of culturing, the vitality increased to 100%, and my count increased to 5,220,000. He said the that amount is higher than they usually see in women, and was a good sign.
    • Richard: Original amount of stem cells harvests 700,000 and after one week, his increased to 5,000,000.  I’ll try to get stem cell counts from others and update this post later.  

Continue reading

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After Infusio – Chriti’s One Year Update

It is wonderful to have another person that is one year post Infusio sharing their experience! Christi went to Infusio Beverly Hills for a couple follow-up appointments before reaching her one year anniversary. She’s provided an excellent summary of each visit plus a brief one year update. I hope you find her updates helpful!

In early March 2016 Christi had her first follow-up appointment, this what she learned during her visit:

Well we’ve been back for a few days and I am already feeling better. While at Infusio I had another scan done, good, as well as not as good news came from it, however all of it is stuff we can fix.

The good news is my body has significantly improved from this time last year, (very significantly). My systems all are functioning at higher levels than they were before and for the most part, are working. In addition, my body responds well to treatment and showed improvement after just three days. However, my immune system took a couple of shocks when I was exposed to gluten back in October and again in January.

These instances caused some issues by overloading and over-stressing my body making me unable to fight the Lyme as strongly as I should have been able to. I was also unable to ward off all the sicknesses I was exposed to. What’s great is the Lyme was significantly reduced and my body is still fighting it, even better news is the debilitating co-infections I had with the Lyme are GONE! Continue reading

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Baby chicks grow FAST!

The chicks are two months old and I am in AWE of how fast they grow! I’ve really enjoyed this whole process of having a broody hen and watching the babies grow. It’s been a great learning experience! Once the babies where a month old, I let them and mama hen out of their separate enclosure so they could begin to forage and integrate with the existing flock.

Within a couple of weeks of exploring the orchard with their mom, she decided it was time to kick her babies to the curb and officially began hanging out with her original flock. It literally happened overnight! She’s just as territorial as the other hens and will even peck at them to get out of her way when she wants to use the chicken feeder. It is like they were never babies…..so harsh!

Now that they’ve grown they move fast! It is almost impossible to catch them and since their wings are still much bigger than their bodies, they can fly! I’m sharing some progression photos so you can see just how fast they’ve grown. You’ll notice the biggest changes in coloring and wing size. Some photos are blurry, like I said they move fast and rarely stay still!


Mama and her flock drinking water, they were about 1 month old.


Before they split, mama and babies loved roosting on our old compost bin.

Now here’s some photos that show their major growth!


Three days old


One week old


Two weeks old


Same chicken that was in the prior three photos! This one is definitely a rooster, he’s about six weeks in this photo. My husband was stoked he actually caught him!


Yep, definitely a rooster!


Three days old


Two weeks old, notice how fast the wings grew!


Same chicken, two months old, I’m pretty sure it is also a rooster!


Two weeks old


One month old, also fairly certain this one is a rooster!

These next photos are of three different chicks at three days old that all looked very similar, one had much bigger wings, and as they’ve grown they still look a lot a like.




The next two pictures below are the same chick, you can see at two weeks (photo with the red background) how much bigger the wings grew and the face changed a bit.













The two brown and black chickens below are the same as in the photos above, I have a feeling  one is a rooster and one is a hen. The black chicken is a for sure a hen!


The two photos below are of black chicken as a baby.


Three days old


Two weeks old

Next up is a video of two of the chicks fighting, these two are most likely roosters. Here’s some interesting facts about fighting from the University of Kentucky –

“By 16 days of age, fighting to determine the pecking order begins. Research has shown that with groups composed entirely of female chicks, the pecking order is established by the 10th week. In small groups, the order is typically established earlier, around eight weeks. With groups of males, the social order may remain unresolved for many weeks.”



We added a new roost to our run and the little ones like it!


Half the flock grubbin’ – the first, third and fourth ones are all roosters.

Here’s one last photo progression, this was one of my favorite babies and he’s growing into a handsome rooster. I’m super bummed my zoning doesn’t allow me to keep roosters because I’d love to keep this guy!


One day old


Two weeks old


Two months old, look at the beautiful colors!

And last but not least, what we do for fun around here 🙂 Enjoy the video of my husband being silly with this chicken!

Do you have chickens? What’s you’re favorite thing about them, besides the eggs? Do these photos make you want chickens?

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After Infusio – McKenzie’s 100 Day Update

Thanks everyone for your patience with my very intermittent posting on my blog!  June proved to be a busy month with a vacation, family visiting me, the plum and peach harvest began. Adding to the fun, our well started to go dry, so we had NO water for 3 days and I had to get an emergency permit to have a water main installed. Whew!

I’m very excited to share another 100 day update from a fellow Infusio patient! McKenzie visited Infusio Beverly Hill’s in early May for a belated a 100 day follow-up appointment. It sounds like she is progressing well. Here’s the update her mom sent me on on June 22:

Treatment dates: January 11 – January 22, 2016

We saw Dr. Sara Whitney for the follow-up. The Global Diagnostic scan  did show McKenzie’s Lyme was reduced 50%. We were expecting more, so were a little disappointed. There were also a lot of positives to celebrate!

Her immune system is completely restore and working! Overall, her energy has improved and there has been significant improvement in skin. McKenzie has lost 21 pounds (not so important but to a 15-year-old it is!).

Infusio thought more treatment was necessary,  so we completed 3 days in Beverly Hills. During that time she did the ten pass ozone therapy (she completed 9, yay!), infrared sauna, and some detox IV’s.

They recommended three thymus shot’s (which we took home to administer), she is taking tinctures three times a day, and digestive enzymes for stomach issues.

We returned a week later and the Global Diagnostic scan showed her immune system fighting about 20 different virus and bacteria. She is  still suffering with digestive issues but really feel we’re heading in the right direction!

McKenzie had undiagnosed Lyme for 5 1/2 yrs so it not going to go overnight. Thanks Infusio for putting us in the right path to healing!

It is great to hear that McKenzie is improving and progress is being made! Thanks so much to her mom, Amanda, for taking the time to share! Please leave any questions or well wishes in the comments section.