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Thankful Thursday #25 – Happy New Year’s Eve!

Happy New Year’s Eve! I hope you’re enjoying this holiday season!

December has been a fun and unusual month! My husband and I have been on a cross-country road trip since December 2nd. I’m typing this as my husband drives 80 miles per hour (that is the speed limit!) on I-10, in the middle of no where, in Texas. We are approaching Fort Stockton and it’s been almost 100 miles since the last town!

Now it’s time to share what I’m thankful for this month! Continue reading


Thankful Thursday #24 – Happy Thanksgiving! – November 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thanksgiving,  just last year, I have a lot to be thankful for! Last year, I was thankful for change and we had some big changes happen this time last year. The biggest change, besides me beginning recovery to 100% health, was having my sister-in-law, Emily move in with us. WOW, time sure does fly by! Here’s a few more things I’ve been thankful for this month! Continue reading


Thankful Thursday #23 – Life is Precious – October 2015

I know it’s Friday but I wrote this on Thursday, and thought this post would be a great way to restart my thankful Thursday series for the fall and winter.

This post is a bit of a departure from my typical thankful Thursday posts. I wanted to I write about a friend who passed away last weekend. The friend was my old boyfriend Mack, who I met when I was 19, and he’s the reason I moved from my home state of Michigan to California. Our four year relationship brought so many great things into my life!

As I write this, I’m flying to his funeral in Michigan and I’m watching the plane on the flight tracker follow almost the exact route we drove 19 years ago, which is stirring up emotions and fun memories!

Some of my favorite things about Mack were his smile, his laugh, his ticklishness, his lankiness, (he was 6’8” and very skinny!), his soft spoken personality, how he loved his nieces and nephews (when they were little, he’d play with them constantly), and the love he had for his family and his son. Continue reading