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After Infusio – Madison’s 8 Month Update

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After emailing Madison a few times in August and September, she texted me in late September asking if we could speak via phone. She wanted to talk before making the decision to share her most recent update. Thankfully, we were able to chat in early October!

During our conversation, Madison shared everything that’s included in this update. She was concerned her update may be disappointing to Infusio, and she didn’t want to shed a negative light on the clinic. She also wanted to confirm I didn’t work for them. I assured her that I am not affiliated with, or employed by Infusio. I also encouraged her to share her experience because I believe all information, positive or negative, is helpful to others.

As my disclaimer says, I am not an employee of Infusio, nor do I receive any compensation from them for maintaining my blog or sharing information. When I started this blog I had never even heard of Infusio! Once I had treatment, I chose to share my story and asked others to share their stories, as a way to provided unbiased information for those considering treatment at Infusio.

I was grateful when I received an email a couple weeks ago with an update on how she’s doing 8 months since treatment. I know many of you have been patiently waiting for her update, and I thank you very much for your patience. I had a mid term due by November 23rd, so I’ve been a bit tied up with school and hosting Thanksgiving. Here’s Madion’s most recent update:

Infusio Treatment Dates: March 16 – 27, 2015

I’m confused about my Lyme Diagnosis and whether or not my stay at Infusio was helpful to me.

It was a roller coaster of feeling good, and then feeling bad upon returning from Infusio. I was still dealing with extreme fatigue.  So I decided to switch my antidepressant.  It seemed that when I did that, so many things improved with my health.

When I read the fine print of the antidepressant I was taking – I found that it’s side effects included many of the things I was experiencing.

I do suggest talking to Infusio about what medications you are taking, prior to going there for treatment.  Before making any changes I would also recommend talking to your doctor.

So basically – I don’t think my problem was Lyme. Yes, I tested positive for the bacteria, but I don’t believe I had chronic Lyme. Nor do several MD doctors (in various specialties) I’ve met with since returning.

This was just my experience. I don’t know if chronic Lyme exists or not (nor does any doctor or holistic professional).  I absolutely do not want to discount anyone struggling with this diagnosis.  I know how horrible it can be and what a desperate situation it is. This is simply what I found to be true for myself.

I am frustrated that I spent a year of my life going in circles and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on what I believe was a mis-diagnosis.  I could have spent that time fixing my medication issues – but I was so focused on the Lyme diagnosis that I sort of shut every other possibility out.

I asked Madison to update me on the symptoms she’d mentioned in her Pre-Infusio interview and in her update she sent two weeks after treatment, here’s how she’s currently feeling:

Fatigue – 4 (previously 5)

This is still something I’m struggling with because of the medication I’m on.  I’m working with my doctor to get on as low a dose as possible to avoid these side effects.

Energy/Lethargy – 3 (previously 1)

Once again – directly related to medication.  Definitely better than I was last year.

Hormones – 1 (previously 8)

I’ve since been to an endocrinologist who determined my hormone issues were also misdiagnosed.  This was my third opinion on this issue.

Ulcers – 2 (previously 6)

This has improved greatly. Once again though – I found out that the antidepressant I was taking could cause mouth ulcers.

Vision – 4 (previously 4)

Still having some vision issues that only started once I started Infusio treatments.  It’s like one eye focuses differently than the other.  Considering getting glasses.  It could just be that I’m getting older and my vision is getting worse.

Light Headedness – 1 (previously 2)

Very thankful that this problem seems to have cleared up.  Once again – the antidepressant I was on has a reputation of affecting blood sugar.  Once I switched medications this seemed to go away.

Headaches – 1 (previously 2) 

Just the occasional headache.  This has improved greatly.

Balance – 1 (previously 4)

Not having problems with this as I did upon first returning from Germany.

Again, thank you so much Madison for sharing your update, I am glad you’ve had improvement in many areas!

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