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Chicken Broth from Scratch – Picture Tutorial


Chicken bone broth is one of my FAVORITE things to make! It’s very easy, and so, so, so good. It is a true healing food!

The bones provide your body with much needed minerals, amino acids, and gelatin. Gelatin is full of collagen, and can help reduce joint pain, heal digestive issues, and cavities.

Bone broth is definitely a superfood, that most of us rarely consume. Store bought stock cannot compare in taste or nutritional value to the homemade bone broth. I use bone broth instead of water when I cook legumes, or rice, then the minerals are absorbed into them, and it gives them great flavor.

Every time I make a whole chicken, I keep the carcass in the freezer, and when I collect a couple, I’ll make bone broth. I always have a stash in my freezer 🙂

In addition to the carcass, I use the neck, giblets, feet, and head of the chicken. Those parts are the most nutritious, and are sure to infuse the stock with lots of gelatin. I purchase those parts from local farmers, that pasture raise their animals.

It’s not necessary to include those parts, however, your stock may not have much gelatin. Even without the gelatin, your homemade bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse. I’ve included ingredients and instructions for chicken bone broth. Also, if you continue you scroll down there is a step by step picture “tutorial.” My first time making bone broth, I would have greatly appreciated some pictures of the process, I hope you find them helpful! View the pictures →

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How to Make Water Kefir-Picture Tutorial

Water kefir is my favorite way to get probiotics, I drink it everyday! And it happens to be easy, and inexpensive to make yourself. Considering most 16 oz bottles of kefir or kombucha cost around $3.50 per bottle, it can easily become an expensive beverage to drink regularly. I can make at least a gallon for $3.50! If you have little ones at home, making kefir is a easy, and fun way to have them help you in the kitchen.  Here’s the pictures and instructions of how I make water kefir. The first step is to buy kefir grains, or find someone in your area who can share extra grains with you. Dehydrated kefir grains can be purchase online at Cultures for Health.  If there is a homesteading type store in your area, they may also have them. Once you get your dehydrated grains, follow the instructions on rehydrate ing them. In a few days, you’ll be ready to make your own kefir! Just to show you how easy it is, here’s a picture the few things you’ll need to make it. Now that I’m looking at this picture, I left out the funnel….Whoops! And the electric tea kettle is not a necessity, but since I have one, I use it to boil water quickly!

Just a few things needed to make kefir!

Just a few things needed to make kefir!

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