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Pre-Infusio – Kaylie


Infusio Treatment Dates: February 9 – February 20, 2015

Name: Kaylie

Age: 25

What have you been diagnosed with?

Chronic Lyme, Babesia, Bartonella

When were you diagnosed? 

Officially diagnosed with Lyme disease Sep 2012, Lyme symptoms as far back as 2005.

How long have you been getting treatment for Lyme and/or other infections?

A variety of treatments upon official diagnosis

How were you diagnosed? 

IGenX test

If you had a Western Blot test, did it show positive for Lyme according to CDC standards? 

Western Blot and ELISA were negative several times

Were you misdiagnosed with anything else prior to Lyme diagnosis? 

To name a few of the multiple diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Possible lupus, possible MS, Chronic Migraine disorder, psychosomatic (I was crazy).  I saw every kind of specialist and was told all types of possible things. It wasn’t until I found a Lyme specialist that I began to get the right type of treatment and more importantly, I finally had someone listen to me.

Do you remember a tick bite and/or bulls eye rash? 

Nothing that would be considered “traditional” Lyme disease signs and symptoms.

How long do you think you have been infected? 

At least since 2005 when I had Bell’s palsy but possibly before that, I’m not really sure.

What treatments have you tried? What types of medication and supplements have you taken? 

Every western medicine known to man from any doctor you would normally think of.  I tried everything, I have multiple MRI’s and CT scans. Anything and everything that a doctor could think of.

I have tried Eastern and Naturopathic Medicine from naturopaths, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, massage, herbs, and supplements.

I’ve had these treatment from my Lyme doctor: I did oral and IV antibiotics, I have had a PICC line for over two years now from which I have done heavy doses of antibiotics.  Homeopathic and holistic remedies along with the antibiotics.  I have two 2” binders full of the different treatments, doctor’s appointments, scans and the like.

Do you feel any your current and/or prior treatments helped?

My Lyme doctor believes that with the length and magnitude of treatment that I have received, the Lyme and the co-infections have been treated effectively.  That being said I still feel like the symptoms persist and I still lack a quality of life.

Acupuncture, craniosacrial, and massage help for a few hours after my appointment, if I am lucky the small amount of relief will last into the night.

Please rate your overall wellbeing at this time. 

I struggle every day. Getting out of bed on my own to make it to the bathroom and back to bed is a feat. I can’t provide a quantitative percentile to the way that I feel.

Please list your top five to ten symptoms, in order of severity. Give a rating of pain and/or severity, if possible> (1=mild to 10=severe)

  • Severe Fatigue – every single day I am without energy – 9
  • Body aches – my joints and muscles hurt whether I am in bed all day or if I get up and go somewhere – 8
  • Nausea – When I get nauseous it is intense with dry heaving and vomiting but the frequency is about a 3
  • Headache/Shooting pains – I have severe headaches and shooting pains in my head daily.  I get migraine like pain and the shooting pains create a ram’s horn like pattern through my skull – 9
  • Brain fog –  7
  • Overall health: I am on 2 L/min of O2 after an ER visit in February 2014 revealed my O2 sats to be 75%   I have had to quit my job as a NICU nurse because my treatments and symptoms were getting in the way of being an effective nurse. I was trying to do IVs during my lunch breaks and I was getting confused and nervous.  I had to stop driving after I got lost right next to the apartment I had been living in for over a year.  My fiancé need to carry me from the couch to the bed at times and set alarms to check my IVs in case I fell asleep during the treatment.  A good day meant I had enough energy to get to my doctor’s appointments and back home, though there were many appointments that I had to cancel because I could not physically get out of bed.

Why did you choose to get treatment at Infusio?

I have looked into everything else and feel that I have exhausted almost all of my other options. My Lyme doctor thinks it might help and there have been several success stories noted.  There is very little out there for me to draw from and so it is quite the leap of faith.

What is your Infusio treatment goal?

I hope to get myself back on course to a healthy life. I don’t expect to walk away a perfect picture of health but I believe it will help me get back to some resemblance of life and moving in the right direction.  To be honest, I am trying to not set myself up too much as I have had my hopes many times before only to be let down.  I am trying to set my mind toward “what will be, will be.”

Share any encouraging words for Kaylie in the comments! If you’d like to know how Kaylie and I got connected you can click here.


2 thoughts on “Pre-Infusio – Kaylie

  1. Has there been any update as to Kaylie’s progress after the treatments? Last update was May it looks like. Thanks! Always thinking of her.

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