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Kaylie’s Infusio Interview Page

Kaylie and one of her cousins contacted me in December 2014 and we finally found time to chat in early January.

I enjoyed sharing my experience with Kaylie and her family. It was encouraging to learn she had her entire families support, including her fiancé. I personally believe support from friends and family is a big part of helping people recover from Lyme.

I heard she had treatment at Infusio in February and I was surprised and extremely grateful when I got an email from her fiancé in mid May with answers to my interview questions. I’m so happy they are willing to take the time to help others learn more about this treatment option!

Pre-Infusio – February 2015

After Infusio – 60 Day Update – May 2015

After Infusio – 10 Month Update – December 2015

2 thoughts on “Kaylie’s Infusio Interview Page

  1. Hi Jen, Could you please fix the after 10 month infusio update for Kaylie- i am looking forward to reading, as am considering infuse Thanks

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