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Pre Infusio – Robyn


Infusio Treatment Dates: September 21 – October 2, 2015

Name: Robyn

Age: 56

What have you been diagnosed with? 

Lyme, Babesia and an unknown yeast that is not candida. Probably a yeast that isn’t typically tested for. Epstein Barr Virus (EPV), which I know I got in college but resolved back in college after a few months. I also have one of the MTHFR genes that I recently learned about. I have not done the 23 and Me test, heavy metals or mold tests. My LLMD just hasn’t ordered them over the past four years. Somehow I assumed that she didn’t  think I needed testing. I should probably get these done now that I’ve learned about them.

IgeneWhen were you diagnosed?

April 2011

How long have you been treating Lyme and/or other infections?

4  1/2 years

How were you diagnosed?

Like so many others, I went from doctor to doctor with diagnosis of chronic fatigue, chronic headaches and chronic insomnia, unresponsive to drugs..and I tried them all. After being so tired and wired for 2 years and doing research on the Internet, I begged a doctor to give me a lyme test. It was the ELISA test and was negative. I didn’t know about Western Blot until another year passed and I was house bound from fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and cognition problems. I used to run marathons. This was not acceptable. Finally, someone told me to get Western Blot test. I was shocked and relieved to have a diagnosis

If you had a Western Blot test, did it show positive for Lyme according to CDC standards?

No, only IGeneX positive. I couldn’t believe the result so I called IGeneX and they told me they could run the 31 epitope test that looks for the DNA of the spirochete and has a 95% accuracy. They ran it using my same blood sample and it was positive.

Were you misdiagnosed with anything else prior to Lyme diagnosis?

Chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, tension headaches unresponsive to drugs, chronic insomnia, and depression

Do you remember a tick bite and/or bulls eye rash?

No, I don’t remember being bitten by a tick. After my Lyme diagnosis I checked my calendar. I had been hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles with my dog 11 days prior to my first doctor visit complaining of severe headache and flu like symptoms. I remember picking at least 10 ticks off my white standard poodle. I knew about ticks and had checked myself. Obviously, I must have missed a nymph.

How long do you think youve been infected?

I know the exact date, based on my visit to Los Angeles. October 7, 2007

What treatments have you tried? If possible, please list what medications, herbs, and/or supplements you’ve taken.

Doxycycline for a few weeks but was too sun sensitive. Tried Bactrim but got a rash. Settled on Azithromycin + Ceftin + Plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine) + Grapefruit Seed Extract + Artesminin  (probably the wrong one) + Mepron.

I added the Buhner protocol  about 18 months ago and saw improvement. I have been on the drug protocol for 4 1/2 years. I went off them 6 weeks prior to Infusio.

Do you feel any of your current and/or prior treatments helped?

My body doesn’t herx or respond with improvement right away so I never really know what works and what doesn’t. It has been a slow improvement over time. I did notice clear improvement after adding the Buhner protocol; perhaps 2 to 3 months after starting them.

Please rate your overall well being at this time, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health, and symptom free.

About 65 to 70%

Please list your top five to ten symptoms, in order of severity.Give a rating of pain and/or severity, if possible.(1=mild to 10=severe)
Headaches almost daily = 10

Insomnia = 8

Fatigue  = 7

Why did you choose to get treatment at Infusio?

I researched Sierra Integrative and a few others in the U.S. I didn’t think I could manage the treatment physically (the pain involved) and emotionally after being sick for so long…and I’m a type A person.

What is your Infusio treatment goal?

100% symptom free ideally. More realistic would be no more headaches, being able to sleep more than 5-6 hours, and have energy to run a 5k or bike 30-50 miles again.

Please share any words of encouragement and well wishes for Robyn in the comments! If you’re interested in how Robyn and I connected, click here.


2 thoughts on “Pre Infusio – Robyn

  1. Good luck Robyn! Enjoy your time at Infusio and I hope you see the results you’ve been looking for! I’m 4 months out and feel better than I have in years!

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