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McKenzie’s Infusio Interview Page

I connected with McKenzie’s mom, Amanda, in November of 2015. She was given my contact info from Infusio Beverly Hills. I instantly felt for her and her husband, and what they’d been through with McKenzie. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to watch your child go from being healthy to sick, and not see any improvement with the treatment options.

Just like with Richard, I could tell her parents were extremely concerned about the long term well being of their daughter, and were willing to do whatever it takes to help her overcome Lyme.

I really enjoyed the conversations I had with Amanda and her husband, they seem like a super nice couple! I’m glad I was able to help them make an informed decision if Infusio was the right treatment option for McKenzie.

I am extremely thankful to McKenzie and her parents for their willingness to share her experience!!

Pre-Infusio – January 10, 2016

After Infusio –  Two Week Update – February 5, 2016

After Infusio – 100 Day Update