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Richard’s Infusio Interview Page

I received a call from Richard’s mom, Terri a few months ago after Infusio had given her my contact info. We spoke for about an hour about the treatments and my experience.

I could tell she was very concerned about the long-term health of her son and wanted to do whatever it took to help him make a full and permanent recovery. I can imagine as a parent you’d want to do everything you can to help you child live a healthy and Lyme free life!

It was sad to hear how much his life had been impacted by Lyme, especially how much school he missed over the last several years.

I got a voicemail from her in early April letting me know he’d be starting treatment on April 13, 2015. I was glad to hear this great news! I’m very happy they both agreed to participate in my interview process.

Pre-Infusio – April 9, 2015

After Infusio – Immediately After Update – April 29, 2015

After Infusio – 6 Month Update – September 13, 2015


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