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After Infusio – Madison’s Two Week Update


I am excited to share my first ‘After Infusio Interview! Madison has graciously agreed to allow me to follow-up with her at 90 days, 6 months and 1 year after treatment

I got this wonderful text message from her when she returned:

“Feeling like I do now has made me realize how bad I’ve been feeling for a really long time! I can’t thank you enough for your blog and for talking to me. I would read your entries while in was in Germany. I kept reminding myself that you were healed and it kept me going!”

Wow, I can absolutely relate to what she said about not realizing how bad she’d been feeling for a really long time. I think those of us who’ve lived with Lyme tend to forget what it feels like to feel good.

Madison’s experience was good, but very different from mine. I hope you find her answers helpful and informative!

Treatment dates: March 16 – March 27, 2015

Was the administrative staff in Frankfurt helpful?

Yes.  They were very kind and eager to help me if needed. Jasmin is wonderful.

Did you feel Michael Wittstadt and Nadine Flemming were competent care providers?

Yes. They were both very knowledgeable and professional. I truly got the sense that they wanted me to get better.

Was it easy to communicate with everyone at the clinic?

Yes.  They all spoke perfect English.

Were any questions and/or concerns you had during the treatment addressed?

Yes.  I actually caught the flu most likely on the plane ride over.  In conjunction with this – I got an eye infection. The staff was very attentive and helpful during this time that I was really sick. They got me cold medicine and eye drops and were prepared to take me to a doctor if needed, but things cleared up and it was fine.

Did you have any type of bodywork? If so, which type?

Yes. I had the foot reflexology massage twice.  I was scheduled to have a regular massage but since I had the flu they decided to wait.  They arranged a “female” massage for me to aid in balancing my hormones.  All of these massages were very nice.

What microbes did the Global Diagnostics find?
I’m not really sure about this. I was really sick and feeling bad during my stay so I missed a lot of details.  Does mold count?  I’ll explain in a future answer.

Did the Global Diagnostics find any heavy metals? If so, did you have treatment for those?

They didn’t discuss heavy metals with me so I don’t think it was an issue.

Did the Global Diagnostics find any health issues you weren’t aware of? If comfortable, please share.

Yes. The scan showed that I had a lot of mold in my system.  When I got home we had a mold expert visit our house.  Sure enough – it was everywhere and there was visible mold under the kitchen sink! It also picked up that I had influenza which we all weren’t surprised about 🙂

Did your final Global Diagnostics still show Lyme and/or other co-infections?

So the first week my Lyme did not show up – which is normal of course.  It did not show up on Monday of the second week. Then on Wednesday the Global Diagnostics machine broke 😦  The staff was working very hard to get it back up and running but they couldn’t get it to work until Friday, my last day of treatment.

On the last Friday of treatment,  Borrelia showed up for me for the first time (with no co-infections). But it was at 40%.  Michael explained that they considered this to be high and that they usually do not see it that high at the end of treatment. He thought I might need to stay a few more days for treatment.

At this point I started crying and was really upset!  Not because of the Lyme funny enough – but because I missed my family so much and I couldn’t wait to get home to see them!  🙂

I honestly wasn’t that upset about the Lyme for some reason. I was confident that the treatment was going to work and I very much felt that Michael wanted to get me well and wasn’t going to send me home until my scan results were good!

Michael’s guess was that my flu interfered with treatment the first week or that I just had a lot of Lyme in my system. He also thought that it was possible that my last day of treatment (Friday) might be enough to kill all the Lyme.

He explained that once they get the Lyme out of hiding the infusions they give you can easily kill it. The challenge is getting the Lyme out of hiding in the first place.

I decided to stay for the treatment another few days. But – Michael came to the rescue. He offered to come in on Saturday morning to do the scan once more!  This was very, very generous of him as it was his day off and it required an hour-long train ride into the city for him!

So sure enough on Saturday morning my Lyme was gone. I was in shock and I think I still am!  It was an awesome feeling!!  And I was so thankful that Michael did this – I think it shows a lot about the caliber of people who are working at Infusio.

How did you feel during your treatments?

I did not feel good!  I had the flu the first week and an eye infection.  The second week my flu cleared up but the treatments made me feel pretty bad. I had very bad headaches and a lot of nausea. I also felt shaky a lot of the time and was more tired than usual especially during the first week.

Many people I talked to about Infusio said they felt so great that they maybe went on a weekend trip to Paris between treatments – not me!! I felt horrible! 🙂  Incidentally, I have a friend that went to Infusio that said she felt so bad during treatments that she was literally having to crawl to the bathroom – but now she is doing great. I think its important for people to know that you may feel bad during treatment and this is ok – it is normal.

Did some or all of your symptoms improve or resolve after treatment?

I definitely see ALOT of improvement.  I think my Lyme was mostly neurological so I don’t have as many black and white/tangible improvements, but this is what I’ve seen so far…

I definitely have more energy. I am getting things done that I have not been able to do in years!  It’s so much easier for me to take care of my son. I did not realize that even lifting him up to change his diaper was hard for me – but now I’m zipping through all of my daily activities with no problems.

I was so exhausted and apathetic that I didn’t want to go anywhere or see anyone – which is not my normal personality. Now I want to go out and see people all the time.

Going to the grocery store and cooking dinner were challenging for me. My husband has been thrilled with all of the dinners I’ve been preparing since being home! 🙂  As a friend of mine put it – I feel “alive” again! 🙂  And I feel like I have my brain back!!

If you still have symptoms, please list  your top 5-10 symptoms and rate each on a scale of 1-10. (1 = mild and 10 = severe)

Fatigue – 5

I have had some days where I don’t need a nap which is incredible for me.  But many times I do have to rest and if not I feel “cloudy” in my brain/light-headed (never felt this before but my guess is that its stem cells continuing to work). But I definitely have more energy.

Unfortunately I also am taking an antidepressant and sleeping pill which I had to go on due to my neurological symptoms.  I think these contribute to my fatigue. I am planning on getting off of these but I don’t want to “rock the boat” too much right now – so I’m going to wait a while to do this.

Energy/Lethargy – 1

I have so much motivation and energy to do things.  This is a HUGE improvement for me and is consistent with my normal personality (pre-Lyme).  I would keep going all day and night – but it’s like my body can’t keep up – so i have to force myself to rest so I don’t feel the brain stuff I was describing above 🙂

Hormones – 8

I have hormone problems that are causing me to continue to lactate even though I stopped nursing almost three years ago 😦  I thought this was clearing up at one point during treatment, but it’s still there.

I do think something is happening with my hormones as my lactation seems to have lightened up a little and my hair is falling out in the shower (which typically happens when you stop nursing).  But this is something I may end up having to take medication for.

Ulcers – 6

I’m still having ulcers pop up in my mouth but they seem to be not as severe.

Vision – 4

My vision has been on and off weird ever since starting my thymus injections 2 weeks prior to my trip to Infusio. Funny enough, my holistic doctor told me before leaving that I had toxins stored in my eyes?!?  I took it with a grain of salt – but I have had eye problems the past month that I’ve never had in my life.

They’ve been sore, sensitive (vision wise), swollen, they’ve had discharge.  And since returning from Infusio they’ve really bothered me some days. My vision has been blurry, one eye has been out of focus, etc. they will feel this way for part of the day and then it will just go away – it’s very weird.  I even went to an eye doctor who said I have nothing wrong with my eyes!

But the funny thing is – since going to Infusio – a benign very small cyst has formed on my upper eyelid.  The eye doctor said it’s just cosmetic – all I can guess is that my body has been through a lot and this is how it’s reacting.  I am happy to report that my eyes seem to be doing better and I hope they will continue to improve!

Headaches – 2

Despite having a migraine on my 5th day home I really haven’t had any headaches!  And this is amazing for me as I used to take Advil daily!

Light Headedness – 2

I think I’ve had this for years and didn’t realize it was related to Lyme – I thought it was blood sugar.  I was struggling with debilitating light headed-ness that was making it hard to function – this seems to be gone!  I’ve had a different type of light headed-ness – the kind of “cloudy” feeling – that I haven’t experienced before Infusio and I think is related to the stem cells.

Balance – 4

I never felt this before Infusio – but I’ve almost felt “off balanced” many times since returning.  Once again – I’m assuming this is stem cells and I’m hoping it will improve!

Please rate your overall well-being immediately after treatment, using a  percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health and symptom free.

The day after treatment I was probably at 85%! I was thrilled!

I’ve had some days since returning home where I haven’t felt great (headache one day, fatigued, “cloudy” feeling, off balanced)  but then I’ve had lots of spurts of feeling awesome.  So now I’d say I’m at an 80%!  🙂

**For reference, she said she was at “50% (if that)” before treatment.**

What continuing care did Michael recommend on your last day of treatment?

He recommended the “female massage” technique to balance my hormones – he prefers I not go on medication for this if possible.  We are supposed to have a Skype call to review some tests that still had not come in while I was in Germany (stomach related) – so that he can make further recommendations.

On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = terrible and 10 = excellent) please rate the accommodations Infusio provided?

I’d give it a 9.  It was very clean, safe and quiet.  It was next door to the clinic making it very easy to get there.  I deduct one point because of the neighborhood.  While very safe and quiet – I wish there were better restaurants and shops in walking distance as this would have made it a little more “fun” for me 🙂

I was feeling so bad that taking the train to explore the city was not an option, – but honestly the apartment was great. It’s not four star – so if you want luxury, 4 star accommodations you should stay at a “hotel” in the city center – but it was certainly nice enough for me – and I can be picky! 🙂

On a scale of 1 – 10, (1 = terrible and 10 = excellent) how would your rate the overall experience at Infusio? 

I will give it a 10!  Although it was very hard for me because I felt so bad while getting treated – I am very pleased with the results. I had been to 17 doctors prior to going to Infusio and I believe many times the treatments I received made things worse.

I feel like at Infusio I got immediate and impressive results! I got very personalized attention while at Infusio. The staff genuinely cared about my well-being and wanted to heal me!

In the U.S. – I would go from one specialist to another and have appointments all the time, all over the city.  At Infusio they are focused on healing your entire body within a two-week stay.  It was great. Also the clinic is very clean and relaxing and the staff could not be more friendly or pleasant.

Please share any additional information you feel may be helpful to those considering treatment at Infusio.

I think it’s important for people to know that in Germany Michael will be in charge of your care. Michael is a naturopath which in Germany requires five years of schooling. He is very knowledgeable and honestly knows more than many doctors I’ve seen, but I was initially upset when I found this out because I thought that there would be a medical doctor in charge of my care.  If I had known ahead of time I would have been fine with it, but the shock was upsetting to me because this was a lot of money to me – and I was just apprehensive about the whole experience.

But once again – I am very pleased with the care I received from Michael and Nadine. You will see an MD at the stem cell clinic. And it’s important to note that Philip Battiade has been trained as a physician and a naturopath, but it’s my understanding that he chose to practice as a naturopath.  I would ask for clarification on this when you call the clinic.  It was concerning to my family as they were also apprehensive about this.  On the flip side, 17 “MD’s” in the states weren’t able to help me but Infusio was!

Make sure to get Jasmin’s cell phone number and the Wi-Fi password for the apartment you are staying in before arriving.

If you are traveling alone – and you start feeling bad – have Jasmin help you have food delivered to your apartment before you leave the clinic each day.  I thought I could have food delivered on my own but it was hard for me to do.

If you arrive on the weekend and have a free day I would recommend arranging a driving tour of Frankfurt (Jasmin can help you arrange this prior to arriving). It will really help you to learn the “lay of the land” and if you are feeling up to it – it will help you know where to go in the city when you have free time.

I liked Ristorante La Favola. It is Italian 🙂 It was the only place in walking distance I really liked – as I found the food in Frankfurt to be not great 🙂

If you have any encouraging words for Madison please leave them in the comments. You can read her ‘Pre-Infusio Inteveiw’ here. If you think of other questions that would be helpful, let me know!


11 thoughts on “After Infusio – Madison’s Two Week Update

  1. Madison, Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It truly is helpful for those of us needing to know about this treatment option. I wish you continued health and wellness and keep on posting!

  2. I’m so happy to read about your overall results Madison. I teared up a bit when you mentioned how much you missed your family. That is going to be very difficult for me but I will have my husband and that is huge! Thank you for sharing your experience and for all of the helpful information. These positive “after treatment” interviews are such valuable forms of information and will help with my journey.

  3. Thank you Jen for another great interview, and thank you Madison for your generous sharing! I look forward to future updates!

  4. This is all so interesting to me. I am glad that there is an option to fight this disease and I trust you are still doing well.

  5. Thank you so much for this!!! Very encouraging!

  6. Hı Madison,
    I really would like to hear your 6 months update. I hope you have been doing really good and you solves your remainin problems.

  7. Hı Madison, I hope you are doing well and all of your remaining problems were solved.

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