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Robyn’s Infusio Interview Page

Robyn and I also connected via the California Online Yahoo Support Group, shortly before my trip to Infusio in 2014. If you are in California and have Lyme or co-infections, I recommend joining. It is an active and informative support group.

Robyn has followed my progress since I began sharing about my Infusio (Thanks Robyn!) and reached out to me in June with more questions. She was considering treatment at Sierra Integrative or Infusio. She wanted to talk more about Infusio, and learn more about why I didn’t choose Sierra Integrative.

Robyn, her boyfriend, and I had a great conversation over the phone in July, right before her consultation with Phil at Infusio Beverly Hills. I spoke with them again in August when she called to tell me she was 99% sure she’d be going to Infusio in September or October.

She is a former marathon runner and shared with me some helpful tips about how I could increase lung capacity via running 🙂

Like everyone else who’s shared information about their Infusio experience, I am extremely thankful for her willingness to take time to share her experience. It is so useful and encouraging others who are considering this treatment option. Thank you so much Robyn!

Pre-Infusio – September 20, 2015

After Infusio – 30 Day Update – November 8, 2015

After Infusio – 100 Day Update – February 15, 2016

After Infusio – 10 Month Update – August 2016