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After Infusio – Richard’s Six Month Update


Richard’s Mom, Terri, was so quick to get this update back to me! I emailed her to check in, and the next day she replied. I am so grateful for her willingness to share updates about her son’s progress with me, and anyone else reading this blog! Give Terri and Richard some love in the comments section 🙂

Treatment dates: April 13 – April 24, 2015

Did some or all of his main symptoms improve or resolve after treatment?

I really noticed the change at about six weeks.  After the six week mark, he started feeling really good, and has been good ever since!

If he still has symptoms, please list your top 5-10 symptoms and rate each on a scale of 1-10. (1 = mild and 10 = severe)

He has not had any of the old symptoms, and is back in school and functioning like he was before he was sick.

Please rate his overall well-being today, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health and symptom free.

Immediately after treatment he was OK, he was better but nowhere near where he is now at 5 1/2 months.  This has been the longest stint he has not been sick in over 4 years.  He told me to stop worrying because “he is not sick anymore.” His mental attitude is so positive which I think helped his progress.  He seems very strong and confident, and we are so relieved and happy after the grueling 4 years in and out of different treatment protocols.  At this moment, he is 100% and symptom free.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?
I spoke to Philip recently about what we should be doing, and he said, “since he feels so good, do nothing.”  He said the stem cells were doing their work and we will circle back and come up with a plan, if needed.  Music to my ears!  


Isn’t this GREAT news?!?!?  I was SO excited and happy to hear form Terri with this update. It is so wonderful that he is back to his “Pre-Lyme” self and that he said “he’s not sick anymore”. What a blessing for him and his entire family! It is great he will able to enjoy his teenage years free from Lyme! I’ll be checking in with them again at the one year mark.

Click here to read Richard’s ‘Pre-Infusio Interiew’ and here to read the update immediately after he finished treatment.

5 thoughts on “After Infusio – Richard’s Six Month Update

  1. This is such a wonderful post to read and it’s so great to hear it from his mother’s perspective! Congratulations on such an outstanding victory. I wish him all the best!

  2. Jen thanks for the update- and so happy to hear the great news!
    As we are starting out our journey with our 14 yr daughter new diagnois Of Lyme last month. She diagnois with juvenile arthritis & fibromyalgia the over the past 4 years.
    Though infusio seems like a answer to our prayers my
    husband and I are very concerned with the type of treatment on such a young child. It was really inspiring and a sense of relief to here your great Results. Hoping to report such great results for McKenzie after our visit.

  3. Dear Kurnava,

    I hope everything goes well for McKenzie. I will pray for her. Good luck.

  4. It would be great to hear Richard’s 18 month update. Hoping he is still doing great!

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