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After Infusio – Chriti’s One Year Update

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It is wonderful to have another person that is one year post Infusio sharing their experience! Christi went to Infusio Beverly Hills for a couple follow-up appointments before reaching her one year anniversary. She’s provided an excellent summary of each visit plus a brief one year update. I hope you find her updates helpful!

In early March 2016 Christi had her first follow-up appointment, this what she learned during her visit:

Well we’ve been back for a few days and I am already feeling better. While at Infusio I had another scan done, good, as well as not as good news came from it, however all of it is stuff we can fix.

The good news is my body has significantly improved from this time last year, (very significantly). My systems all are functioning at higher levels than they were before and for the most part, are working. In addition, my body responds well to treatment and showed improvement after just three days. However, my immune system took a couple of shocks when I was exposed to gluten back in October and again in January.

These instances caused some issues by overloading and over-stressing my body making me unable to fight the Lyme as strongly as I should have been able to. I was also unable to ward off all the sicknesses I was exposed to. What’s great is the Lyme was significantly reduced and my body is still fighting it, even better news is the debilitating co-infections I had with the Lyme are GONE!

What’s not so great is the Lyme should have been reduced more than it has been. Since my body is working but not yet to its capacity and not quite properly, we are trying to rebuild my systems so they will be functioning together and stronger. With the addition of a few supplements and some vitamins I should be seeing visible results within the next month. At the end of March we will head back down to Infusio for another scan, infusions and adjustments to my treatment.

I will say some of the information was frustrating to hear yet I expected it due to how often I was getting sick and the fact that the gluten I’d had completely rocked me. I am really happy the co-infections are gone as they were parasites and caused me debilitating headaches and other serious issues. I think moving forward is going to be easier this time around, I just have to avoid stress and keep up with my easy-peasy (compared to last year) treatment plan.

I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to head there for one of these scans, it’s literally life changing and the amount of information it offers is unbelievable.

Christi returned to Infusio Beverly Hills in early April for another check up, here’s her update after that visit:

The great news is that my Lyme was GONE (in remission) according to my latest scan! Yep! Even better is that my body recognizes the Lyme and is making its own antibodies to fight off an infection itself should I get bit by a tick again.

The bad news is that I have to fix some organs, damaged from Lyme and all the medications I took last year. I also have severe toxins which has been hindering my progress. My detox methods (liver, lymphatic system and intestines), are weak and aren’t getting rid of things fast enough,this is why I have those toxins. Also, my pancreas is weak which is leading me to be pre-diabetic and my hormones are shot.

These are all things I already knew and can treat some of it at home through my continued good diet and exercise routine plus supplements and infusions from a naturopath near me.

I’ve had more energy and have been able to exercise an hour a day, five days a week for the past five weeks. I also have a detailed plan to follow over the coming months that includes supporting my systems with supplements, detoxing through infusions, exercise, massage, and sitting in a sauna. Once I get a handle on the toxins and my detox pathways, my organs will start to heal and function properly. This will also help my hormones and correct the pre-diabetic tendencies that the Lyme stirred up with my pancreas.

So, all in all, good news for my overall health plan and with continued vigilance I will get back to being the person I’m supposed to be!

Christi officially hit the one year post treatment mark on May 8, here’s what she had to say:

I returned from Germany one year ago today. I always said that I couldn’t wait to see how I felt one year from treatment and I am very pleased to say that I feel great! As a matter of fact, I don’t even think I could compare the person I was last year at this time to the person I am now. My health has improved on so many levels and now I am working on repairing the damage both the disease and the 9 months of antibiotics and medications have done. It’s exciting to look back at not only my progress but my accomplishments as well and I again look forward to where I will be one year from now 🙂

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