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Pre-Infusio – Richard


Richard’s Infusio interviews are being completed by his mom, Terri.

Infusio Treatment Dates: April 13 – April 24, 2015

Name:  Richard

Age:  16

What has he been diagnosed with?

Lyme and Chronic Fatigue

When was he diagnosed?

2010 – 2011

How long has he been getting treatment Lyme and/or other infections?

4 years

How was he diagnosed?

IGeneX test and Fry Lab test

If he had a Western Blot test, did it show positive for Lyme according to CDC standards?


Was he misdiagnosed with anything else prior to Lyme diagnosis?

Yes, we saw so many doctors. We had a lot of differing opinions and no one really suspected Lyme until we saw a Lyme literate doctor.

Does he remember a tick bite and/or bulls eye rash?

His knee swelled up at a friends house when they were outside playing. We took him to the emergency room where two infectious disease doctors said it was nothing, maybe a bursa sac. Had he been given 10 days of Doxcycline our lives would probably be very different today!! The swelling was probably the result of the tick.

How long do you think he’s been infected?

Over 4 years.

What treatments have you tried? What types of medication and supplements has he taken?

Oral Antibiotics – Doxcycline for months, many high does of other oral antibiotics.

Bicillin shots

Herbal Supplements

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Phosphatidylcholine IV

Nutritional IV

Rife Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Magnet Therapy

Do you feel any of his current and/or prior treatments helped?

The Hydrogen Peroxide got rid of the headaches and Phosphatidycholine IV helped but it took over 10 IV’s.

Please rate his overall well being at this time, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health, and symptom free.

70%, he still gets sick once a week for a day or two.

Please list his top five to ten symptoms, in order of severity. Give a rating of pain and/or severity, if possible. (1=mild to 10=severe)

  1. Severe Fatigue – one to two days a week, pain level – 9
  2. Body ache – one day a week, pain level – 6
  3. Stomachache
  4. Headache
  5. Flu like symptoms

All symptoms occur every 25-30 days for 3 days. It only got worse. After we started the alternative treatments, he was a bit better but never really 100%.

Why did you choose to get treatment at Infusio?

We found out about Infusio through a friend of a friend who went there and had very good success.  We then found your blog!!  We also found some people online through Yelp. There is not a lot of information out there!!

What is your Infusio treatment goal?

To help him regain health to be able to go to school every day.

Please feel free to share any kind words or well wishes for Richard in the comments! If you’re interested in how Richard and I got connected you can click here.

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  1. How can we learn about 6 months update of Richard?

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