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Thankful Thursday #14 – Flexibility

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Currently, we are in the midst of a “winter storm.”

I put that word in quotes because here in my little section of California, nothing really feels like a winter storm to me. Especially when I think of the snowy, icy, bitter cold, winter storms I experienced growing up in Michigan!

Nevertheless, I did make sure we had fresh batteries in our flashlights, and my husband filled our firewood rack, just in case we lost electricity!

In my opinion, the worst thing about winter storms in my area, is driving Highway 17.

This four lane highway takes you on a 15 mile drive through the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is the main thoroughfare that connects Santa Cruz county with the bigger cities of San Jose, and other freeways that take you further north to San Francisco.

When the weather is nice, it’s a beautiful drive. When it rains, it can quickly turn into a very dangerous drive, that sometimes includes downed trees, and mudslides. When it’s really cold, sometimes it snows at the summit!

My husband’s daily commute takes him over that hilly, curvy, mountain road.

Thankfully, his company offers an employee shuttle bus, so it saves us lots of gas money. However, it’s still treacherous driving in heavy rain, and the summit is usually very foggy when it rains

Today, he’s working from home. It’s something he rarely does, but with the high winds, and heavy rain in our forecast, he didn’t want to get stuck at work.

I’m thankful for his workplace flexibility! A big thank you to his employer for allowing the option to occasionally work from home!

What are you thankful for today? Share with me in the comments!

PS – I’m also still hankful today for shelter. It looks like we have a wet winter ahead, so a home to keep me dry, and warm is high on my “thankfulness” list this year!

One thought on “Thankful Thursday #14 – Flexibility

  1. Nice….love reading your posts! 🙂

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