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An Important Story – Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation

One thing at the 2015 National Heirloom Exposition that left a lasting impression was Mathieu Asselin’s photography display – Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation.

When I first learned about GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in the late 1990’s, I didn’t know much about real food, but what I did know is that GMO’s didn’t sound “right” to me. The idea of fish DNA being injected into a tomato sounded weird, and definitely didn’t seem like it was a good thing. Thankfully, that tomato never made it to the supermarket, but all other kinds of genetically modified foods have, and are still being sold and consumed today.

I don’t think many realize Monsanto was the manufacture of PCB’s and Agent Orange and I think most know how horrible those chemicals were! It doesn’t make any sense to allow a  company responsible for making such terrible, poisonous products to make chemicals that are sprayed a majority of U.S. food supply, genetically modify our food, and patent seeds. They say their products are “safe” but their behavior in the past makes it difficult for me to believe they are being 100% transparent about their products.

I tried my best to get good pictures but some Mathieu’s photo displays were tall, so I’m sorry if the quality isn’t that great!  There were also captions for every picture, which I’ve retyped them for the few photos I’m sharing.

I hope after seeing these photos, you’ll think twice buying food at grocery stores and other retailers that sell conventional, non-organic food. It almost always contains GMO’s and the fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with Round Up, or another pesticide.

I wrote two posts that can help you access healthy, quality food throughout the United States, to read them click here and here. You can also visit Environmental Working Group’s page to view their very helpful dirty dozen and clean fifteen shopping lists.

I truly believe we can make a difference by voting with our dollars and support local farmers who grow food with integrity without using GMO’s or pesticides. It’s so important for your health, the health of future generations, and for the health of the planet.



This is a magazine ad from 1943 touting the benefits of saccharin. Notice it says one of the main ingredients of saccharin is coal-tar. No wonder it was pulled from the market for being carcinogenic

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