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After Infusio – McKenzie’s Two Week Update

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Wow, McKenzie’s Mom was super about getting me this update exactly two weeks after she finished treatment, thank you so much! Things have been busy so I’m just getting time to publish it a month later, I hope you find this detailed information helpful!

Treatment dates: January 11 – January 22, 2016

Was the administrative staff in Frankfurt helpful?

Our experience at Infusio was great! All the way around.
Michael (administrative director) & Helena (Wife & Naturheilpraxis) were on vacation. So felt we hit the jackpot, as their replacements were … Dr. Phillip Battiade (founder), Sarah Whitney (naturopathic doctor-Beverly Hills) and Daniel (CEO) ran the office.

Did you feel the doctor and nurses handling your care were competent care providers?

Absolutely, amazing! Nadine (nurse), Sarah, and Phil handled McKenzie’s care. And we honestly couldn’t have been better taken care of.

Was it easy to communicate with everyone at the clinic?

Very easy…everyone spoke great English. And if there were any language barriers at the boarding house Daniel graciously took care of it for us.

Were any questions and/or concerns you had during treatments addressed?

Yes, everyone was always on hand and available.

Did you have any type of bodywork? If so, which type?

McKenzie had reflexology and Slimyonik Lymph treatment or as we called them Cirque Du Soleil pants! Because that’s just what they look like! But they help assist in detoxification. She also had thymus treatment for balancing the bodies immune system.

Did the Global Diagnostics find any heavy metals? If so, did you receive treatment for those?

Phil was more concerned with the high amounts of fungus McKenzie had. He put her on a daily supplement of capryl, though she did receive EDTA infusion while there for treating heavy metals.

Did the Global Diagnostics find any health issue you weren’t aware of? If comfortable, please share.

No, we were aware of McKenzie’s Lyme and Babesia as Infusio was the clinic that diagnosed her in October 2015.

Did your final Global Diagnostics still show Lyme and/or co-infections?

McKenzie’s final diagnostic reading was read by Phil, he discussed her total well-being rather than individual diseases. As he explained, when you get bit by an insect they just don’t give you one disease, but thousands!

How did you feel during your treatments? 

McKenzie felt fine during treatment. She was very tried after the thymus shot.

Did some or all of your main symptoms improve or resolve after treatment?

Overall, McKenzie improved with treatment as she was bed ridden the previous 30 days.  I was very nervous about the lengthy journey to Frankfurt.

If you still have symptoms, please list your top 5-10 symptoms and rate each on a scale of 1-10. (1 = mild and 10 = severe)

  1. Stomach issues = 7
  2. Fatigue = 7-9, changes daily
  3. Vertigo = 4
  4. Joint swelling = 6

Please rate your overall well being immediately after treatment, using a percentage. For example, 100% would be in perfect health and symptom free.

60%….Mckenzie was always very tired after treatment but hadn’t gotten out of bed the previously 30 days before going to Germany.

What continuing care was recommended on your last day of treatment?

Check up at Infusio Beverly Hills and supplements to treat fungus.

On a scale of 1 – 10 (1 = terrible and 10 = excellent) please rate the accommodations Infusio provided?

9! Very comfortable…We were at Couva boarding house…Great location.

On a scale of 1 – 10, (1 = terrible and 10 = excellent) how would your rate the overall experience at Infusio? 


Please share any additional information you feel may be helpful to those considering treatment at Infusio.

  • Treat yourself on the journey from US to Frankfurt to a seat with leg room!
  • Arrive a day or two before treatment starts. It really helps with the jet lag.
  • My husband and I found your site extremely helpful in our decision to go to Infusio. It was great to hear others results and the difference it made to everyone, so I appreciate everyone sharing and all your efforts Jen in keeping this site going!
  • Overall, we already see significant changes in McKenzie health. Even though she not 100% yet (only been 2weeks) we’re expecting healing!
  • Our experience there was great!  I think Dr. Battiade is an out of the box thinker and the medical system needs more like him!!

Thanks so much to McKenzie and her family for being willing to share their experience! Please feel free to leave encouragement or questions in the comments. You can read her before Infusio interview here.

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