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After Infusio – Kaylie’s 10 Month Update

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Another Infusio update, YAY!  I checked in with Kaylie and her fiancé in September, and again in November, hoping to get a six month update on how she’d been feeling and progressing since treatment.

I was very happy to get this quick update from her fiancé in mid-December. As always, I am so grateful for Kaylie, and her fiancé’s willingness to share her experience!

Infusio Treatment Dates: February 9 – February 20, 2015

We apologize for the delayed response but we wanted to get a couple of Kaylie’s doctors appointments in before we got back to you.

Since the last time we updated, Kaylie’s overall condition has been improving, slower than we would like but, still moving in the right direction.  In our most recent appointment with Infusio (Beverly Hills) Kaylie was scanned specifically for Lyme disease and it came back that her body recognizes it but it is no longer active within her system, which is SUCH a great thing to hear.  The scan also came back that she was clear of Babesia and Bartonella which were co-infections that she was fighting.

Since her treatment in Germany, Kaylie has been following the PK Protocol which was recommended by her Lyme doctor and speaking with the Infusio doctors and we believe that the combination of the stem cell treatment and PK has allowed her to reduce her pain meds and has helped to increase overall energy.

Kaylie feels that she is only about 30% of what she would like to be, but that is better than the 5% she was at this time last year.  It is amazing how much damage this disease has caused over the last ~15 years she has had it and we are in the working phase of getting her body repaired.

We understand that everyone is different and that Lyme will attack people in different ways.  We understand that treatment is the same in that something that works great for one person may not work well for another or visa versa, and by sharing Kaylie’s progress we hope to just let others know our experiences.

As always, thank you so much Jen for getting the word out and helping all those affected by Lyme get information.

Please feel free to share encouragement in the comments! Thanks again Kaylie for sharing, it’s such a blessing!



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