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After Infusio – Christi’s 6 Month Update

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I am so grateful for Chriti’s willingness to update me on her progress and share it on my blog! It is so wonderful that she, and so many others are sharing their experience to help others decide if treatment at Infusio is right for them. Here’s how Christi is doing six months post treatment.

I have been under a great deal of stress so I’ve a had a few setbacks or what could be considered as slower progress.  This could easily be attributed to what has been going on in my life.  Add two colds, two outer ear infections, and two kids bringing these colds home, and you have a recipe for some pretty crazy times!

The good news is that I’m still much better than I was prior to Infusio!  So much so that I started taking Spanish lessons, am working part-time, re-opened my eBay shop, Notch Boutique, and will soon be studying for my real estate salesperson license.

I know in about six months time, or even less, a great deal of these stressors will be gone! It’s getting there in the healthiest way possible that I’m focused on.

So, overall I am 100% confident in my treatment and my future recovery!  This time last year I was couch bound and only left the house to take my daughter to preschool.  Now I’m working, taking classes, managing projects, organizing small functions, cleaning the house and more!

The stress has either impacted or delayed the recovery of the following symptoms:

Pin pricks in feet
Eye twitches

All are significantly less than before, yet still noticeable.  That being said, I would take how I’m feeling now over how I was pre-Infusio any day of the week!  In addition to that, I would even say that if my level of health maintained at how it is now for the rest if my life, I would consider my treatment at Infusio as a HUGE success!

More good news, my liver is functioning better and I can see the results.  It’s still not as good as it can be but it is getting there.  The damage from all of the medications/ antibiotics I took before Infusio is slowly being repaired.

In order to continue my progress, I have been drinking bone broth, taking probiotics, and an herbal supplement for my liver.  I started exercising again but with colds I stopped and will start again soon.  In order to deal with the stress I have worked out plans and am working to meet the goals in those plans.  It’s much easier to cope with things when you have a path to follow.

Vielen Dank an Sie (Many thanks to you) and all of your readers. I hope this information can help someone who needs just a little bit more reassurance or even someone who needs it all!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,




One thought on “After Infusio – Christi’s 6 Month Update

  1. Hı Christi, It is very nice and encouraging to hear that you are still doing quite good. I wish your remaining symptoms to subside soon. I wonder whether you experienced any improvement on your food sensitivities or there is no change.

    best wishes

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