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The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition – Part Two

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I am home and I’ve downloaded my pictures and unpacked all the goodies purchased at The 2015 Heirloom Exposition, and now I’m ready to the pictures from day two and three!

On a serious note, the expo featured an art display by Mathieu Asselin, who’s working on a photographic investigation of Monsanto. It was both informative and shocking! I decided it was such an important investigation, that it deserved its own separate post. You can see some of his images and read more about it here.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll also be sharing the awesome stuff I learned from the excellent speakers. My notes need a bit of editing, so I’m starting with pictures, hope you like them!


Of course I had to take a picture of this 🙂


Just some of the beautiful art seed packages from Hudson Valley Seed Library. Each spring, they commission artists to create original works of art that are used to illustrate their heirloom seed packs. The gentlemen at their both was extremely nice and helpful!


One of my favorite art seed packs from Hudson Valley


We have a Seckel pear tree and it’s only given us a few pears. It was cool to see what a healthy Seckel pear looked like and I was happy to learn we have an heirloom variety! Now I just need to build my soil so it will produce healthy fruit! If you are interested in growing heirloom fruit trees, California Rare Fruit Growers is an excellent organization with several locations throughout California, and a few locations in Texas and Arizona. I will definitely be joining my local chapter to get help with our fruit trees!


I spent some time admiring the different varieties at the dahlia show, here’s some of my favorites flowers.








A fellow attendee who was also there solo, asked if I’d take a picture of her. She was nice enough to take one of me too, I’m surprised I didn’t melt in the sun, because it was 100 degrees!


Some beautiful okra grown by St. Helen Montessori School and Farm

Here’s a few pictures of the colorful heirloom corn on display


P1080372 P1080374


One of many murals painted for this year’s expo

And here’s my two favorite chalk art murals.
P1080382 P1080384


I purchased this cute postcard painting, it was painted by Alana Ciena. She uses only her mouth and feet to paint, because she was born without use of her arms.


I bought some seeds for my garden, I was excited to learn about Kitazawa Seed Co. they are the oldest seed company in America specializing in Asian vegetable seeds.


I bought these seeds so I can grow the ingredients to make Frankfurt’s Grüne Soße (green sauce)


These were my two favorite chocolate vendors and they are both based out of Oakland, CA. Endorfin Foods chocolate is raw, and is made from coconut milk, organic heirloom cocoa. They offer a monthly CSA subscription, that could be yummy but also dangerous 🙂 My other favorite was Yes Cacao, they make botanical chocolate with all kinds of good things like kava, turmeric and maca.


I loved Volcano Kimchi! They are based out of San Francisco and their kimchi is organic and vegan! It has the perfect amount of spice plus all the good probiotics that you get from this fermented food. I also found an organic, heirloom rice from Koda Farms, they are California’s oldest family owned and operated rice farm and mill. I can’t wait to give their rice a try!


There were a few soap vendors but The Garden Wild was my favorite. They are from Northern CA and make all natural, cold process soaps, bath bombs, body butters, and salves.


Did this post make you want to attend the expo next year?

One thought on “The 2015 National Heirloom Exposition – Part Two

  1. Really enjoyed all your pictures Jen….thank you for sharing. So Colorful!

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