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A New Blog Feature – Infusio Interviews!


I’m excited to announce a new part of my blog called “Infusio Interviews.”

On the interview page you’ll find links to individual pages for each person who’s agreed to participate in my year long “interview” process.

Each participant will answer the same questions at the following milestones, before treatment, immediately following treatment, 90 days, 6 months, and 1 year post treatment. After that, if they are still willing to share, I’d like to get a annual update from each person for at least 5 years.

I’m hopeful my blog will become a long term resource for those considering treatment at Infusio for Lyme disease, and other chronic illnesses; and will provide valuable information to help others decide if Infusio is viable treatment option for them.

I believe it will also provide hope and inspiration to those overcoming Lyme disease that we can live a life free of Lyme!

Check out my interviews by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “A New Blog Feature – Infusio Interviews!

  1. Hi Jen,

    I can’t express how grateful I am to see you take on this initiative to interview and gather the experiences of other Lyme sufferers visiting the Infusio clinic! You’re such a blessing to the Lyme community. It is such a great idea for you to leverage this wonderful website to assist other sufferers on their decision-making process when it comes to seeking treatment at Infusio or other clinics. I for one will keep a very close eye on all future updates because I’m evaluating and saving up for a trip to Infusio, perhaps in a year or two.

    Thank you again for doing this. You are making a real difference for us Lymies who are still looking for an out from our suffering and I am truly appreciative of what you do. May God bless you and your on-going endeavours of helping others who are in need!


    • Jen, I am also interested in how you and others are fairing after treatment thru Infusio but I must ask what I feel is a valid question. Are you receiving benefits in some way for promoting this clinic? I ask this because I contacted the clinic in Beverly Hills a month ago or so by internet. I was called immediately from that inquiry which always makes me pause because what doctors office would call across the country because you filled out a form online asking for information to be sent. unless its a profit making industry? I am not in anyway saying the treatment is not helpful or effective but simply that it must be quite a money maker as well for the owner and creator. When the caller asked me how I knew about Infusio, I started explaining how I follow a blog and before I said another word or finished explaining, he says, “oh, it must be Jen’s Blog!” and I replied of course that he was correct. That made me curious, if they have offered you one or more benefits for promoting their practice on your blog. I understand, that of course they know you because you are a patient and that may be the end of the story so forgive me if I have gone out on a limb. I am not even upset if you do have some agreement with Infusio; I’m just asking for the whole story. Just like Jacky; I too am saving to one day bring our daughter there for treatment so updates on progress for you and anyone else is important since the cost is staggering and I sure want to know it is WELL WORTH IT. Also, I want to say thankyou for attending the fundraiser for Lymelight Foundation. Our daughter applied this year for a grant from them. I don’t know if she was accepted but they are a wonderful and much needed foundation. Best wishes and health for you, Marla

      • Hi Marla,

        Thanks for asking this very important question! I’m not offended at all 🙂

        I do not receive any type of compensation for sharing my experience with people via my blog or talking with others that Infusio refers to me. I felt a strong moral obligation to share my experience in the hope it would help others working to overcome Lyme and co-infections. I wish I had know about Infusio earlier in my Lyme journey.

        I am the only person (to my knowledge) to blog about my experience at Infusio. I let them know I did so after I returned home, that is likely why Stephen said “oh that must be Jen’s blog.” They’ve had several people contact them after reading my blog. Several people have decided to go based on conversations and/or reading my blog.

        Also,they are very good about contacting people who inquire about the clinic immediately. Their “customer” service is extremely attentive. Like any medical corporation, they are for profit so it’s in their best interest to contact people in a timely manner.

        I’m volunteering with LymeLight for this grant cycle and they are reviewing grant applications right now. I hope that your daughter is chosen for a grant!



    • Thank you for your kinds words Jacky!

  2. Jen, Thank you for sharing your Infusio story. I will research it further. I think it’s interesting that you keep bees, as well. I’ve been considering BVT for treating my Lyme and co-infections. Have you ever used BVT?
    Thanks for sharing!

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