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My Six Month Lyme “Roller Coaster”


Last September, after a year and half of ups and downs, I’d slowly reduced my Lyme treatment to all but one herbal Lyme tincture, and was feeling awesome! I was grateful that I would soon be able to close the book on this chapter of my life and move on to better things, like starting our family! Unfortunately, my celebration was premature.

The first indicators of my relapse happened during a trip to celebrate my wedding anniversary at Disneyland last October; and by November, many of my symptoms had returned. Although they weren’t as severe as they had been prior to my diagnosis, I couldn’t ignore the fact that I was no longer feeling “awesome”. 

I contacted my doctor and we decided to start an herbal treatment plan that I continued until March. Most symptoms resolved, except my shortness of breath, migrating joint pain, and night sweats. I felt like I’d hit a plateau, and was no longer improving. I was becoming impatient that things weren’t fully resolving.

My biological clock is ticking fast, so during my follow-up appointment in March I asked if antibiotics would possibly help resolve things more quickly. Previously, I’d avoided antibiotics because the short and long-term side effects are usually unpleasant. I also believe in the bodies ability to heal, and think antibiotics can inhibit long term healing. My doctor said some people can fully eradicate things after six months of high dose antibiotic therapy, that is of course, if their body can tolerate it. Even though my prior attempt with antibiotics did not go well, I decided to give this new antibiotic plan a try. I was hopeful that because I’d focused on herbals for healing, and building up my immune system that antibiotics might be the “push” my body needed to get rid of these pests!

Initially, the first three to four weeks of the antibiotic combination was hard on my digestive tract, and I went back and forth between feeling good and bad. Most days I felt mediocre, like I was starting to get a cold but it never fully developed or disappeared. I had lots of random body aches. I saw my doctor in April and he added detoxifying herbal tinctures that helped with the toxic, sick way I’d been feeling. He suggested I try detoxing using lymphatic massageinfrared sauna, and colonics. He also ran blood work to check my liver function. High liver enzymes can make you feel “toxic.”. He also checked to see how much Mepron was in my blood, and make sure enough was there to kill off the Babesia.

I took his advice and started lymphatic massage, and sauna therapy to help detox. I wasn’t ready to try a colonic! He added liver support supplements because my liver enzymes were elevated. From April until the end of June I felt pretty good on a daily dose of a high potency antibiotic treatment plan

Amazingly my digestive system handled all of that! Of course, to support my digestive system, I took a daily dose of 400 billion probiotics. In addition to the antibiotics and probiotics I was taking 10-15 additional supplements. Although I felt pretty good, my shortness of breath was still not resolved. This was a  sign that Babesia was likely still in my blood cells.

During my July doctor visit, I had no idea the “fun” that would be in store with the next round of antibiotics. My doctor said it seemed I’d plateaued on the current antibiotics, so I was prescribed a new, more potent antibiotic “cocktail! I was prescribed a whopping 4,420 milligrams of antibiotics! One of these was Clindamycin, and he warned it could have “mild” side effects on brain. I quickly learned he wasn’t kidding about side effects of Clindamycin! It made the three weeks or so I attempted to tolerate the side effects extremely challenging.

Those few weeks, I felt like I was taking “crazy pills”. I had difficulty concentrating, major word finding issues, speech issues, and brain fog. I was distracted, disorientated, confused, irritable, and sad almost every day. A person I’d met a few months prior saw me during this time and said they noticed a distinct difference in my speech. The strange thing was I could read aloud perfectly fine, but trying to find words to have a “clear and concise” conversation was really hard. After emailing my doctor about what was happening, he decreased my dosage of Clindamycin and it helped minimize some of those side effects. After five weeks, that potent cocktail did little to improve the symptom’s we were hoping it would target.

At my August doctor visit, we decided it was best to stop all antibiotics. I’m currently on a six week herbal, and homeopathic treatment plan to help support and strengthen my immune system. After almost six months on antibiotics, things have barely improved. It is beyond frustrating and disappointing! I’m now considering different therapies I’ve been nervous to try, more on what prompted me to do that can be found in this post.


4 thoughts on “My Six Month Lyme “Roller Coaster”

  1. have you tried Classical Pearls)? I did a year and 1/2 on antibiotics and still wasn’t feeling right. Found an extremely good Traditional Chinese medicine doc and started on Classical Pearls and also rebuilding my adrenals. My adrenals and thyroid were devestated by the Lyme,erlichia and babesia. Just pasing on info, you never know what may help someone. I never knew about these formulas before, glad i found them. If your interested I can send you some info.

    • Thank you Cynthia! Have you be able to get to a place of 100% wellness? Meaning your symptoms are gone and you’ve been able to stay in remission for more than 30-60 days without taking constant immune and antimicrobial support?

      I have done lots of herbals, Chinese and other types. I’ve also done lots of acupuncture too. I avoid all sugar, most carbs and my diet is extremely clean. I make sure to get plenty of sleep. I try very hard not to “overdo” it. All of these things have definitely helped me to improve a great deal. Thankfully my adrenals and thyroid have held up during everything. I really want to get to a place where I feel good all the time, except for colds, etc. that we all get from time to time. The constant up and down between feeling great and then feeling bad is difficult for me, and my husband.

      • 100%, no not yet. I also diid tons of acupuncture along western meds and the usual chinese medicine . I still take B’s ,Mag Floradix, Ionic minerals and Gaia adrenal support. And I still use our sauna religiously for detox.(i mentioned adrenals (thyroid) because the night sweats and shortness of breath sounded like that )For me those symptoms were hormone related…Did not know that until I started to heal my adrenals. Stemming from the Lyme. Both my husband and I swear by these formulas. My problems were more neurological and his were joints. Both had exhaustion of course amongst other things. Its been a long 5 years. He has had lyme much longer then I have and had different co-infections. We did herx a little in the beginning when we started the pills but quite quickly we have both regained much of our previous energy levels. Him quicker then myself. We still take them so I can not say anything about remission. They are also kinder on your pocketbook. Lyme is so hard to deal with so I hope you didn’t mind the recommendation.
        All I can say is we feel really good on these with no side effects. here is a link to all the formulas……….tiger, dragon, lightning,thunder are mostly used for lyme and co infections, all depends on what you doctor says. The beginning is a good read. Wish you the very very best in whatever you try. It’s can be a long journey, Love to you

        Click to access behandla_gu.pdf

      • Thanks Cynthia for all you info! My thyroid and adrenals thankfully check out all good. I’ll read the link you sent! I’m so glad you and your husband have found something that works that keeps you feeling well. It’s very encouraging!

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