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Hello Frankfurt


The Lufthansa flight map

After 16 hours of travel, we safely arrived in Frankfurt. I saved money on our flight by using miles from San Francisco to New York but it made for a very long day! Thankfully, we have a direct fight home.

This was my first time flying with Lufthansa, and it was a really great experience. The plane was 747-800, it was ginormous, and super nice! We had free movies, food, and they even offered a glass champagne to everyone shortly after take off. They handed out warm wet napkins prior to serving food, and their airplane food was decent. If you ever find yourself traveling to Germany, try Lufthansa!

Getting through customs at the airport took only about five minutes and we easily found the driver from Infusio. I had no idea where we were staying since the apartments at Infusio were already booked. Thankfully, the apartment at the Couva Boarding House is in nice area of Frankfurt know as Nordend. There is a small grocery store across the street, and a variety of restaurants and cafes within a block. There is also a nice children’s playground near the entrance to Couva, complete with a merry-go-round and ping-pong table. Here’s some picture of the apartment. Continue reading