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Infusio – Day Three – Stem Cell “Field Trip”

This was by far the most “exciting” day I’ve had since I started treatments. Wednesday was stem cell “field trip” day. Our pick up time was 5:45 am, and it reminded me of mystery movie.

We walked out of our apartment into the cool, moist air expecting a taxi to pick us up. Instead, there was no taxi and it was eerily quiet. A couple of minutes passed and an older man walked up to us and asked “Bad Harzburg?”

We just stood there while he repeated it a couple of times cause we were super tired and had no idea what he was saying! Finally, we said “English?” and he said “Jennifer?” and we said “Yes!” He spoke to us again in German, saying “Bad Harzburg” and “shuttle” so we decided it was probably safe to get into the van with him!

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