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Feed me, feed me!

I attended a beginning beekeeper summer check-in class in mid-June, and terms like dearth, robbing, and right sizing were explained. At the time, I didn’t realize how quickly I would experience all these things! Today’s post is about dearth, and the importance of feeding a new colony, something I kind of learned the hard way!

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The Secret Lives of Bees : How Honey Gets Made

P1020885I know it’s been awhile since I wrote about my bees, and although this post shares info about bees, it’s not about my bees. But don’t let that stop you from reading. I promise the link to the article I’m sharing is worth a read!

Thankfully my bees are doing great! I quickly checked on and fed them over the weekend. I was very excited to see how much comb they’ve built and they continue to grow. The Verbena hive already has lots of honey stored for the winter! The Cosmo hive is younger so they have some catching up to do!

I’ve had less time to write because I’ve been working as a volunteer analyst with LymeLight Foundation, and that project continues to need my full attention until the end of this week. I’m grateful to be able to assist a group that gives kids grants for treatment.

Here’s the post I mentioned from Serious Eats on how honey gets made.  I hope you enjoy the information and pictures as much as I did. Next week, I will have a post about my bees!

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I’m as Busy as a Bee!

I’m the one who’s busy as a bee! Summertime is always busy, and this summer has been no exception! The plum, and peach harvest that has taken up a majority of my time is winding down. I’ll be done preserving this weekend, whoo hoo! I hope to have an drip irrigation system for the orchard set up, and that will be a HUGE time saver!  I won’t need to drag hoses around to water each tree individually, YAY!!!

My least favorite things, Lyme Disease and Babesia, decided to flare up a bit during the last week, that put a damper on my writing, and updating Facebook.

I hope to have time to write about my bee adventures in the next week. Lots of cool stuff is happening with the bees! Check out this TED Talk about bees. Hope you enjoy it!