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After Infusio – Three Month Update

I made it to a important post treatment milestone……90 days since Infusio!

From what I understand, within the first six months after treatment “side effects” can occur, but typically they occur in the first 90 days. These “side effects” can be minor fatigue, or severe flu-like symptoms.

Thankfully, the past three months have been fairly uneventful!

As I mentioned in my two month update, I was trying to rest more. Since then, I’ve embraced being more of a “sleeper.” I’ve been really good at getting 8 hours of sleep, and sometimes I squeeze in 8 1/2 to 9 hours! This means my head usually hits the pillow at 9:30 or 10:00 pm.

I prefer to be an early riser, rather than I late nighter. I used stay up late, and sleep in later; I found that since I began building our urban homestead, getting up early is really helpful. It gives me more daylight hours to get things done!

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After Infusio – Two Month Update

I can’t believe in a few days it will be 2015! I’m very excited to start this new year Lyme free!

It’s been a little over two months since I finished treatment at Infuiso in Frankfurt, Germany. I am happy to share I don’t have much to say. In other words, I still haven’t experienced any symptoms of Lyme or co-infections…..whoo hoo!

When I saw Phil during my one month follow up in mid- November he encouraged me to rest more, and to continue drinking Nettle tea. He reminded me that my body has been through a lot, and it’s important to support it during the remodulation period. Continue reading


After Infusio – One Month Update

WOW, this month has gone by fast!

Last Monday, I had my one month follow-up appointment with Phil Battiade at Dr Boyer Cole’s office in San Anselmo.

Two months ago, when I had my initial consultation my brain felt scattered, and the drive left me completely exhausted.

This time, I felt like a completely different person! I had a clear head, and although driving 4 hours round trip in one day is tiring, it didn’t exhaust me.

During the quick 30 minute appointment, Phil ran a Global Diagnostics scan first, and then reviewed the results. This time, I knew what to expect, so I relaxed for the 8 minutes during the scan.

My results were mixed, which was as he expected.

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After Infusio – Two Week Update

It’s been a little over two weeks since I returned home from Germany. I’m happy to report I’m still feeling really good! My head is clear, and I still have the same “light” feeling experienced after my first week of treatment. I even wore heels to our friends wedding and did not experience one second of knee pain!!


Wearing 3 inch heels without pain, yay!

The first few days after arriving home I was more tired than usual; I attribute that to jet lag. The time difference, and 11 hour flight caused us to be awake almost a full 24 hours, I think that would make anyone tired! Once I got over jet lag, I caught my husband’s cold, and spent my second week resting as much as possible. Continue reading


Infusio – Day Ten – Last Day!

Finally, here’s the details about my last day at Infusio!

Walking in to the clinic on Friday, October 17th was kind of bittersweet. I was excited to be done but somewhat sad to leave the wonderful people who’d taken such good care of me. I made my healthy peanut butter cups as a thank you treat for Michael, Jasmin and Nadine. I know it’s not much, but hopefully they enjoyed them!

Now for the SUPER exciting news!

My final scan did not show any signs of Borreilia or Babeisa. Michael is confident my body is clear of those microorganisms. I sat there a bit dumbfounded after he told me, because it seemed to good to be true!

I officially have no detectable levels of Lyme and Babesia! YES!! Continue reading


Infusio – Day Nine

October 16, 2014 was my ninth day at Infusio and it was also my 15 wedding anniversary! What a way to celebrate 🙂 I’m glad we were able to spend the weekend in Paris and celebrate early!

I didn’t get any treatments yesterday because it was stem cell injection day. Today, I got lots of “goodies”, including a massage. Bodywork is part of the five steps to health at Infusio, and the treatment plan they recommended included a one massage for each week I was here.

After my treatments, I felt very tired and took a long nap. As I mentioned earlier, it was my 15th wedding anniversary, so we decided to celebrate perusing the Frankfurt’s Konstablerwache Farmer’s Market, and we went to a wonderful bakery called Konditorei Chocolaterie Jochen Optiz. I rarely eat sweets, but figured our anniversary was a good excuse to cheat!

One thing I’ve loved about Germany is they don’t allow GMO foods, so even if something isn’t organic, you still can avoid the GMO’s. Sweet things like cake, also have much less sugar than in the U.S., and you can taste something else beside sugar and/or artificial flavors.

Here’s the summary of my treatments for day nine, my total treatment time was four hours.  Continue reading


Infusio – Day Eight – Stem Cell Injection Day!

Me and Dr. Kathrine

Me and Dr. Katrin Pesic after my injection.

Today I got my stem cell injection, yay!!!  The weather was beautiful and I didn’t have to leave at 6 am because I was the only patient going to the clinic.

Angela Rettig, the head of patient relations drove me to the clinic. It was fun to learn a bit more about her, Germany, and Infuiso during my drive. Angela helped Daniel and Philip open the clinic here in Frankfurt. I asked Angela more about the town of Bad Harzburg where the stem cell clinic is located.

She said it’s a saltwater spa and health resort town that hosts people recovering from surgery or other medical procedures. Angela said in Germany after having surgery, health insurance covers six weeks of rehabilitative care in clinics located in towns like Bad Harzburg. She said many people also vacation and camp in the area.

During our six-hour drive I learned a few things about Angela. She was raised by a single mom, loves Michael Buble, likes Whoppers, Latisse, and Glad Press and Seal Wrap. The last two items, Philp brings to her from the US because she can’t get them in Germany.

I shared with her I didn’t know much about Germany before arriving; and the only German words I knew before my arrival were Scheiße and Möpse. Both courtesy of a German friend who will remain nameless in this post, as to not cause embarrassment 🙂

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