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Q&A – June 2017

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Wow, after putting this post together, I realized I should have been answering questions this way for the past 2 1/2 years!

I’ve complied all the questions I’ve received in the past couple months into this one post. I hope sharing the questions and answers here will be more helpful that me replying individually.

I’ll plan on answering questions this way in the future and if I get more questions, I’ll try my best to do a Q&A post monthly.

Question from Judy S. on 4/6/17 

“My daughters IV treatments are on hold to treat a C Diff infection. Did you have similar GI issues and if so, did the motility go to normal range after the stem cell infusions?”

Answer: Hello JudyI never had C Diff, I definitely had gut symbiosis, diagnosed by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine. I also had gut issues most of my life but back then thought having a bowel movement a few times a week was normal! As the Lyme infection progress, it changed to me having more typically IBS symptoms, even though I didn’t realize that is what I was experiencing.

My GI issues have been completed resolved for at least 2 years. Ironically, I had big improvements after my first few rounds of antibiotics. I did have time where I needed to stop the antibiotics to give my gut a break. My LLND also had me take nystatin and high dose probiotics anytime I took antibiotics. By the time I went to Infusio in 2014, I had occasional and mild GI issues.

I believe lowering my inflammation via dietary choices, bone broth, high does probiotic supplementation, a supplement called GI Revive by Designs for Health, and eating fermented foods regularly helped to heal my gut. I also believe the GAPS program is an excellent way to heal the gut.

Question from Lisa A. 4/10/17

“If you use your own cells, aren’t you putting the diseases back into your own body? We are looking into umbilical stem cells that they do in Panama. I was conditionally accepted in Panama based on autoimmune diseases. They don’t advertise Lyme treatment, per se.”

Answer: Hi Lisa, I had a similar concern before going to Infusio. I asked my LLND his opinion as he is familiar with stem cell treatments. He told me that he believed it was very unlikely that the spirochete could be in our stem cells. He said the spirochete needs an access way into the cell. They use trickery to get the key to a door to get into the cell. Stem cells are early in the growth process so it’s much harder to get into the stem cell. This question has also be asked on the Infusio Exchange Facebook group and they said that Lyme doesn’t live in the stem cells.

With regard to umbilical stem cells, from what I read they really do not help Lyme. I also feel the little bit I know about embryonic stem cells, different form umbilical, are concerning because they do not stop multiplying like your own (autologous) stem cells do.

Question from Linnea R. 4/12/17

“Have you noticed trends as to why certain people haven’t improved after Infusio? Or does it seem to be random? Do you think you need to do a certain amount of “killing” the bacteria prior to this treatment to be successful?”

“I read on one site that stem cell therapy could further spread the bacteria, if they’re removing it from your body, then injecting it back into you. Have you heard about this? It seems that you are doing great after receiving treatment.”

“How important do you think nutrition is alongside this program? I’ve cut out refined sugar (which has been difficult) and do not have gluten sensitivity. I try to eat organic, and try to avoid processed foods. Dietary restrictions are one thing I really struggle with because I am already thin and I lose weight very easily, especially when I make dietary changes.”

“I know you had a wonderful experience at Infusio, it sounds like it truly helped you get your life back. I’ve heard other people say this as well, but I’m nervous due to those who don’t get better. Any input you have would be helpful!”

Answer: Hi Linnea, I have not noticed any trends in the people who’ve shared their story via my blog. This may be a question to pose on the Infusio Exchange Facebook Page. I personally don’t think you need to kill a certain amount of the bacteria prior to Infusio. They have plenty of IV options to”kill” bacteria, they used Dioxychlor while I was in Germany. I also believe ozone has a “killing” effect.

I do think nutrition is a very important part for full recovery. I think you can follow a restricted diet and not lose weight. If you can tolerate broth, it is an excellent way to nourish your body. Nourishing Herbal Infusions are also great, you can find more info on those here. I also believe managing your light exposure and reducing non-native EMF exposure is very important, I spoke a bit about this in my most recent update.

With regard to your nervousness about people not getting better, just like any treatment option for Lyme, Infusio works for some and not others. I do believe their success rate is higher than other medical facilities that are treating Lyme.

Question from Philip S. 4/14/17

“I have had chronic Lyme disease for over 10 years and I’m considering a consult with Infusio in Germany. Any way we can talk on the phone briefly about your experience, I won’t take much of your time up. Much appreciated.”

Answer: Hey Philip, I recommend joining the Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell, and Post Stem Cell groups on Facebook. You will have access to many more people who been treated at Infusio or Medigrun. If you still have more questions or one’s that are unanswered after reaching out in those groups, I am more than happy to chat with you via phone.

Question from Andy S. 4/14/17

“I have been doing research on Infusio and came across your blog.  I am suffering from chronic lyme disease and mold illness and Infusio sounds like the place to go.  However, I spoke with a guy who went to Infusio in Germany and he said Germany is better for treatment because they “can do more things” that aren’t allowed in the US  Is that true?  Is Germany better do you think?”
Answer: Hello Andy, based on what I’ve learned on the Facebook groups, it sounds like some of the IV’s given in Germany are different from here in the US For example, the Vitamin C given in Germany does not contain preservatives, here in the US FDA regulations require the Vitamin C have preservatives. I believe people have had reactions to the preservatives.
I believe there are other things they can give in Germany that they can’t in the US Another example is they can only do SVF (fat stem cells) in the US because of the FDA and in Germany they can still do blood stem cells. I believe Infusio Germany is now only using SVF in Germany. Medigrun is still using blood stem cells.
I’m not sure if “Germany is better” I think there are some differences between Infusio Beverly Hills and Frankfurt but I would recommend confirming that with Infusio. Also, from what I’ve learned on the Infusio Exchange, if you are from the US you must have treatment in Beverly Hills.
The treatment Medigrun is offering, is different, particularly the prep before arriving in Germany and they also keep you a week after receiving stem cells to give you an extra support, so the treatment there is a minimum of 3 weeks.
For some, traveling to Germany is not physically or financially possible so I’m happy there is an option closer for those who can’t make the trip to Germany.
Question from Kristina B. 4/16/17
“I have been suffering with lyme disease and mold toxicity for several years now. Are you still feeling well?”
Answer: Hi Kristina, YES! 🙂 See my recent update.
Question from Mike B. 4/16/17
“I’m so encouraged by your posts of healing from Lyme. I have all four kids Lyme from birth and suffered 35 years since I was 9 years old. I’ve treated 5 years now, treating 3 kids and done messing around. Although about 75% better, I’m tired of being sick.””How much did Germany stem cell transplant cost? How long did it take to get in?
Thanks for any additional info you have time to provide!!”
Answer: Hey Mike, when I went in 2014, the cost was $25,000, that included my two weeks of treatments and my room. We had to cover our airfare and other expenses. I’m not sure what the cost is now. They were able to see me within 30 days. I believe the Beverly Hills location now has a 2-3 month waitlist. I would contact Infusio to get your questions answered.
Question from Tanya 4/19/17
“I have been suffering with Lyme disease and mold toxicity for several years now, I am strongly considering taking the plunge to try the Infusio treatment and was hoping to chat with you about your experience. Thanks so much!”
Answer: Hi Tanya, I recommend joining the Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell, and Post Stem Cell groups on Facebook. You will have access to many more people who’ve been treated at Infusio or Medigrun. If you still have more questions or one’s that are unanswered after reaching out in those groups, I am more than happy to chat with you via phone.
Question from Susan C. 4/23/17
“If you had or needed to do it again would you do blood or the fat stems? I apologize if I have asked before, but do you consider yourself in remission from Lyme? I am seriously considering Lyme treatment, but am struggling to know which location to use.”
In your personal opinion and experience, which would you choose to go with and why?”
Answer: I would do blood stem cells, I’m not an expert in stem cells but since I had blood and it worked, I have a preference towards them. I believe they’ve also been studied for longer.
Yes, I consider myself in remission.
I think Michael Wittstadt is an amazing practitioner, same with Phil Battiade. Obviously they have a different approach to treatment. I like that Michael is keeping his patient’s a week post stem cell injection to offer them more support. My personal experience with them in person has been great!
One difference I noticed is their commitment to answering questions I had post treatment, Michael has been amazing and always has replied to my questions. I rarely got a reply from Phil, so I stopped emailing him with questions. If I have any questions in the future, I will reach out to Michael.
If I had to go again, I’d choose with work with Michael because he’s been excellent at answering any questions I’ve had post treatment and I like that fact that in Germany the some of the IV’s don’t have preservatives and additives like they do here in the US
Question from Vanessa J. 4/26/17
“I have talked to Erika Schlick, who works for Infusio in CA and who has had the treatment herself, but I would really like to talk to someone who doesn’t work for the clinic.”
“I am thinking (very seriously) about having the treatment possibly late this summer and as I’m sure you know having gone through it that it’s overwhelming and kind of scary big decision. Not sure if you have the time, but I’d really love to chat with you for a few minutes and pick your brain.”
Answer: Hello Vanessa, see my answer to Tanya above. If you still don’t feel confident to make a decision after checking in on those groups, please email me again.
Question from Brian D. 4/26/17
“I would really love the opportunity for my wife, Missy and I to speak to you but I want to value your time so would prefer to do it after I do some more learning and research so we are prepared.”
“I have found something interesting on this journey.  It’s easy to become very discouraged because most information and blogs are not success stories, they are laments about lack of progress. I’ve said to Missy, “That’s because people who get well don’t write blogs, they go on living their lives”
“I can’t properly express the amount of gratitude I have for people like you that take the time to brightly shine the light at the end of a long tunnel by sharing your success stories.  Thank you and I hope to speak with you soon.”
Answer: Hi Brian, same answer as Tanya and Vanessa 🙂
Also, I agree, most people who get better sadly don’t share! They leave support groups, etc., and really don’t want to have Lyme still be a big part of their life. I can understand that but I know how important is to know of success stories.
If the Facebook groups aren’t helpful, please email me again. There was a recent thread asking for updates for those who have had success. You can search for threads in the group.
Question from Bruce C. 4/28/17

“Would you consider this treatment successful for you? There are so many sites and clinics with stem cell treatments.”

Answer Hi Bruce, Absolutely, it was a success!

With regard to other clinics, I would be sure to ask what type of stem cell treatments they are doing and if they have success treating Lyme. Many stem cell clinics are only addressing  joint pain or other pain issues in the body. Also, remember Infusio and Medigrun aren’t just stem cell clinics, they are doing thymus therapy to help remodulate the immune system and many other types of supportive therapies to help the body heal.


Question from Alisa 4/28/17

“I am considering doing Infusio in Germany and wanted to get some feedback from your experience. I was looking for a direct email for you but could not find one. Would you mind emailing me?”

Answer: Hey Alisa, same answer I gave for Tanya, Vanessa, and Brian 🙂 – if the groups aren’t helpful, please feel free to email me at honeychickhomestead@gmail.com.

Question from Jennifer H. 4/29/17

“I wanted to know if you ever ended up going through with the stem cell treatment?  If so how has it worked out and if not what were your reasons?  Also how long have you had lyme and how have you treated it?”

Answer: Hi Jennifer, yes, I had treatment at Infusio Frankfurt in October 2014 and have been in remission since. I had Lyme since I was an elementary school aged kid and prior to Infusio I worked with a LLND for 2 years.  You can read about my treatment protocols with my ND, each day of my treatments at Infusio, and my post treatment updates, all here on my blog.

Question from Lesa M. 4/30/17

“I have chronic Lyme disease and saw your blog about getting stem cell treatment, dated 2014. I was  wondering how are you at the present time and are you 100%? Is the clinic you went to the same one that Kelly Osbourne (sp) and Yolanda Foster went to? I thank you in advance for your time.”
Answer: Hey Lesa, I’m still in remission and continue to feel stable and well. Yes, I believe both Kelly Osbourne and Yolanda Foster had treatment at Infusio Frankfurt.
Question from Amanda W. 5/1/17
“I am going to Infusio at the end of the month and couldn’t be more nervous. I feel like I’m taking a huge leap of faith by going.  Nothing else has worked for me. Would love to hear your story.  Thanks so much.”
Answer: Hi Amanda, my story is detailed here on my blog, there isn’t really much more to tell. Here’s a link to my most recent update and here’s a link to my “Lyme story.” I also recommending connecting with people on the Infusio Exchange. If you still have more questions, after reading here on my blog and on the Facebook group, please email me again.
Question from John C. 5/3/17
“My wife and I are strongly considering the journey to Frankfurt and I’ve been looking for testimonials and sincere reviews.  It can be so hard to sift through the business of ’treatment’.  With the over the phone consults and on boarding agents, it’s hard to know when you’re just being sold…  I was so happy to find your story and the interviews.”
“I was curious, have you spoken to anyone who visited the clinic with breast cancer?”
Answer:  Hi John, I don’t personally know of any one who’s had breast cancer and gone to Infusio. I know they do treat cancer. My second week there, a gentleman was being treated for pancreatic cancer and Infusio was his last hope. I have no idea how things went for him. There is also this blog from a women who had bladder cancer as was successful treated in 2015 at Infusio Frankfurt. Looks like from recent comments she is still cancer free.
Question from Tammy W. 5/7/17
“I have just been told about stem cell treatment for Lyme and have been scouring the internet for information.  You were the only one who offered contact for follow-up on the treatment you had in Germany…so I’m writing to ask!”
“Is the treatment a “cure” as some say?  Or more like another treatment to add to the current regimen? Please let me know how it worked for you, and what your honest opinion is. I thank you for the opportunity to reach out to you personally :)”
Answer: Hey Tammy, yes, I believe Infusio’s treatments can help you get to remission. I don’t think any doctor or clinic will claim a “cure” since no one really knows if Lyme can be cured. For some, the treatment may be one that’s added to your current regimen. I personally believe the work they do to remodulate the immune system with the thymus injections is a key factor in helping the immune system to work correctly and be able to deal with Lyme.
I just wrote my most recent update, please read it and if you still have more questions, please email me again. I also highly recommend joining the Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell, and Post Stem Cell groups on Facebook. Even just reading the posts would be helpful.
Question from Amber O. 5/8/17
“I was wondering how you’re currently feeling since your treatment there. Do you feel totally cured? Is Infusio worth the trip and money? Also, can I be treated at their LA location or is it necessary to travel to Germany? Thank you so much for taking the time to read my email.”
Answer: Hi Amber, please read my most recent update, just wrote it this week! Yes, I feel totally cured. Yes, I believe it’s worth the trip and money. Yes, you can be treated in Beverly Hills and if you’re from the US have to be treated there.
I encourage anyone consider stem cell and thymus treatment to also consider treatment with Michael Wittstadt at Medigrun. He was working at Infusio when I had treatment there and opened his own clinic last year. There are others on Facebook who’ve shared their experiences working with him, Tanis and The Ticks and Health and Wellness with Rana.
Question from Rachel H. 5/12/17
“I’ve decided to go to Infusio. I’d really love to talk to you about your treatment there, as I’m quite overwhelmed by all the different clinic options. The clinic I’d been looking at before learning about Infusio is the Riordan Clinic in Wichita; I also like the look of the Sophia (Klinghardt has been recommended by another Lymie) as well as the clinic with David Jernigan.”
“I live in the UK and will obviously have to travel somewhere for treatment. Thank you so much … and for your excellent and helpful blog posts :)”
Answer: Hello Rachel, I did look into a couple other clinics as well, Hansa Center and Sierra Integrative, I think that’s a smart thing to do. I felt Infusio was “right” for me. As I mentioned to several others, the Facebook groups Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell group, and Post Stem Cell Small Group are very active and informative. If you check them out and still have questions please feel free to email me again.
Question from Andrea K. 5/13/17
“I came upon your blog today and I was wondering, do you have kids now? Was Infusio worth the costs, that are probably higher than 10k? And do you know about Dr Michaels Wittstadt clinic Medigrün in Otzberg? Maybe his clinic is “better” choice now?”
“As I am very close to Frankfurt, I have a feeling, I Need to inform myself about this opportunity. I would appreciate your answer so much, Thank you in advance and have a nice day 💚😊”
Answer: Hello Andrea, still no kids 😦 we have decided to pursue gestational surrogacy to build our family. I mentioned this briefly in my most recent update.
Yes, I believe Infusio is worth the cost and yes it’s more than $10,000.
Yes, I know about Michael’s clinic and I’m very happy for him! I think anyone considering stem cell and thymus treatment should contact both Infusio and Medigrun and go with the one they feel is the best fit for them. I don’t think one is “better” than the other but they do offer different treatment options and follow-up care.
Question from Jason T. 5/13/17
“Hello after a 5 year battle with muscle issues brain fog joint pain etc I went to the US (from Canada) and finally got a diagnosis of Lyme and Babesia. So my question us does Infusio help? I will need options in the near future to eradicate this the best I can.”
Answer: Hey Jason, yes I believe Infusio helps. Obviously, no treatment has 100% success rate. If you join Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell group, and Post Stem Cell Small Group you’ll be able to chat with many people who’ve had treatment.
Question from Kristina B. 5/14/17
“Dr Wittstadt has left Infusio and started his own stem cell clinic in Germany. I am interested in working with him because of the additional week he offers to assist your immune system that Infusio does not offer and the price is about 6k less. Can you give any reference to your experience with Dr Wittstadt? Also how are you feeling since you left?”
Answer: Hi Kristina, please see my most recent update to get more details on how I’ve been feeling. I loved my experience at Infusio with Michael Wittstadt, he was very busy my first week there but still took time out to answer my questions. I think he and Phil Battiade are wonderful practitioners!
Question form Peter H. 5/22/17
“I also have Lyme, pilot for Delta that has been unable to fly for 5 years now.  I had never even heard of them and someone was talking about them on a lyme board. I know you went years ago.  In retrospect was it worth it? Curious to know how you are feeling all this time later and if you think Infusio had anything to do with it in the long run.”
“I know I have a MTHFR mutation, CBS mutation and SOD mutation so I may be just screwed. Do you know if stem cells help genetic mutations at all?”
Answer: Hey Peter, my recent update shares how I am now, still zero Lyme symptoms! Yes, I believe my treatment at Infusio was worth it.
With regard to your genetic mutations, treatment at Infusion cannot change your mutations. I believe the treatments they give help reduce your over all body burden and help all your systems function better. They give you a lot of liver support.
I believe that Dr. Jack Kruse’s recommendations are also extremely helpful and following them will help your body function optimally. Proper supplementation and liver support is also key. Castor oil pack, sauna, and lymphatic massage have all be very helpful in supporting my liver function. Here’s a Jack Kruse forum post you may find helpful 
Question from Marci 5/22/17
“Hi! How are you feeling a few years later?”
Answer:  Hey Marci, Still in remission and feeling good! See my recent post for more details.
Question from Jeff D. 5/24/17
“I have been searching around for information regarding Infusio and their Stem Cell procedure for chronic Lyme and happened across your blog. This is actually regarding our daughter Emily who is now 26 and who is the chronic Lyme patient.  I could write pages and pages regarding her situation.”
“Would you mind sharing some of your experiences with us?  Probably the main thing is whether or not you feel it actually helped you, long-term.  And of course, anything else regarding details, etc., of your experiences would be greatly helpful too.”
Answer: Hi Jeff, I’m hopeful you’ve read my day by day account of my treatment in Frankfurt.
I think joining Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell group, and Post Stem Cell Small Group on Facebook would be helpful, you have access to several people who’ve had treatment at Infusio and elsewhere. I am still in remission, doing well, and definitely believe it helped me long-term.
I also think being conscious of other reasons why a person is not getting better is important, especially with regard to excess blue light exposure and sources of non native EMF. Dr Jack Kruse is a phenomenal resource for this, this blog and forum posts are very informative.
Also, you can read how I’ve been doing in my most recent blog update. If after reading my update and getting info from those other groups, you still feel that talking to me would be helpful, please email me again and I’d be happy to talk with you.
Question from Jason B. 5/25/17
“I saw your post in the infusio group. So you have been symptom free for 2 and half years and can do everything you want? I am guessing you did stem cells in Germany?”
Answer:  Hi Jason, yes and yes 🙂
Question from Gemma R. 5/26/17
“I see you were treated by Michael when you were at Infusio, just wondering what your thoughts would be between the two? Have you heard about any patients who’ve been to Medigrun?”
Answer: Hey Gemma, like I said to Susan, I think Michael Wittstadt is an amazing practitioner, same with Phil Battiade. Obviously they have a different approach to treatment. I like that Michael is keeping his patient’s a week post stem cell injection to offer them more support. My personal experience with both has been great!
One difference I experienced is their commitment to answering questions I had post treatment, Michael has been amazing and always has replied to my questions. I rarely got a reply from Phil, so I stopped emailing him with questions. If I have any questions in the future, I will reach out to Michael.
I know of two people who’s been to Medigrun, Tanis and the Ticks and Health and Wellness with Rana can both be found on Facebook. There are few people in the Stem Cells Facebook group that are scheduled to go to Medigrun this summer, so joining that group might be helpful.
Question from Karena B. 5/26/17
“I came across your blog while searching for Infusio reviews. Would love to hear more about it. I have been seeing a doctor at Stanford for ME/CFS for a few years with no major improvements. Do you know of any ME/CFS patients who have been treated at
Infusio and recovered?”
Answer: Hi Karena, if you haven’t already, please read my daily updates from when I was in Germany having treatment at Infusio, that should give you a good idea about the process. I personally do not know of anyone with ME/CFS who’s been to Infusio. I do believe their treatments would help.
I also think following recommendations from Dr. Jack Kruse could help you, here’s a link to a forum post about ME. Keep in mind, he can be very blunt and also extremely scientific, so just be patient when reading his stuff and try not to get easily offended 🙂
I recommend joining Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell group, and Post Stem Cell Small Group on Facebook, you’ll have access to lots more people who’ve had treatment at Infusion or are considering treatment there.
Question from Katherine B. 5/26/17
“I’ve been considering going to Infusio LA but it’s a long haul and so much money. As I’m sure you know Lyme will wipe out the bank account easily and we are no exception.  Just wanted to see what your symptoms were before going and how improved you’d say they are now.”
“I have many common lyme symptoms but often find myself thinking “they’re not bad enough to warrant a $25K experiment” – then I have those bad days where I will do just about anything to get out of it.  It’s so confusing sometimes.  I’d love to hear about your honest thoughts, what was most helpful and what you find you have to continue to do to stay well.”
Answer: Hey Katherine, I just wrote a very detailed post about how I’ve been and what I’m doing to stay healthy, please read it and if you still need to chat, send me another email 🙂
I totally understand your concern of  your symptoms “not bad enough to warrant a $25K experiment.” I thought the same thing and then I thought if I wanted to live a life with my symptoms as there were, along with taking all the supportive supplements I needed to feel “just okay.”
I also had a big concern about things getting worse as I got older and really wanted children. These things are all what helped me realize the decision to go to Infusio was worth is even if I “wasn’t the worst Lyme patient” out there. Hope this helps!
Question from Adam P. 5/27/17
“I’ve been considering Infusio to try to make some improvements in my Lyme, I was curious to get your opinion one if Infusio generally has a positive outcome for people?”
Answer: Hi Adam, yes I believe the outcome is good for most people. Obviously, no treatment has 100% success rate. If you join Infusio Exchange, the Stem Cell group, and Post Stem Cell Small Group on Facebook you’ll be able to chat with many people who’ve had treatment.
I think the small sampling of people I followed on my blog is just that, small. It seems about half improved and have did not. I also have not be great about following up with them and hope I can get updates from them soon.
Question from Phil H. 5/31/17

“I have Lyme and have chosen to get stem cell treatment. I was initially going to go to Infusio as it is the main one and the results seem pretty remarkable. However after doing a lot of research, I noticed, Michael Wittstadt, has now left to set up his own clinic, Medigrun. I have read a lot of positive things about his work at infusio and after speaking to him on the phone, he seems like a really nice person as well as an attentive doctor.”

“I understand you were treated by him at infusio? The dilemma I have now is that Infusio have changed their protocol to include fat stem cells over blood stem cells (which Michael uses) and I think there are a lot of other differences between the two. Therefore I am so confused as what route I should take.”

“If you were getting treated again, do you think you would go straight back to Infusio or did your experience with Michael make you more likely to want to be treated by him?”
Answer: Hello Phil, my answer to Susan and Gemma above may help you. If I had to get treated again I would see Michael at Medigrun.
Three reasons for choosing Michael – I feel comfortable receiving treatment from him, he’s been excellent at answering any questions I’ve had post treatment, and I like that fact that in Germany the some of the IV’s don’t have preservatives and additives like they do here in the US.

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