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After Infusio – Robyn’s 100 Day Update


Happy Friday!  I hope everyone had a great week!

I received this update from Robyn in mid-February, sorry for the delay in getting it published!  Besides working on my next therapeutic nutrition assignment since the end of February, I’ve been dealing with internet connectivity issues for the past two weeks, so it put a bit of damper on both homework and blogging! I hope you find this update from Robyn helpful.

Treatment Dates:  September 21 – October 2, 2015

According to Philip and Dr. Sara in Beverly Hills, many of the Global Diagnostic indicators show improvement but my body isn’t quite where we hoped it would be at this point and we are considering additional support for my adrenals and immune system.

This wasn’t a total surprise since I know my body is slow to respond to treatments. I was hoping I would hit the 100 days and things would turn around and I would have better news to share. They explained it could take up to 6 months, so I’m hopeful.

Lyme showed up on the test results as a “1” which they said not to worry about. Babesia did not show up which was great news.

During the 100 days after Infusio, I felt a bit worse particularly with fatigue and insomnia getting worse.  My fatigue, especially post exertion (such as a yoga or pilates class or light housework) is worse. I usually have to rest for 30 minutes or 1 hour to recharge. We are hopeful that working on the adrenals will help.

My headaches are improving as I have completed physical therapy and I’m doing acupuncture on my neck.

I’ve been off antibiotics and herbs since September. On some days when the fatigue hits hard and keeps me from running an errand or I have to rest frequently, I think about restarting the herbs but will wait a little longer.

Symptom update 

Headaches were 8-10, now 4-5 most days with some days of 0-2.

Fatigue is about 7-8

Insomnia 8 (I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night with sleep meds)

Jen here – prior to Infusio her fatigue and insomnia were the same, so unfortunately she has not seen any improvement in these areas. 

Please share any words of encouragement for Robyn in the comments. She has graciously offered to share her email so she can connect and answer questions with those considering treatment at Infusio. Thank you so much Robyn!

You can contact her at sapora1007@gmail.com.

Click here to read Robyn’s Pre-Infusio questions and here to read her 30 day ‘After Infusio’ update.

2 thoughts on “After Infusio – Robyn’s 100 Day Update

  1. Hello. I would like to know if you know any cancer patient who has been treated in infusio. My mum is stage 4 breast cancer with metastasis. HeR positive.
    Thank you,

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