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Zinnia is Growing!


Zinnia is one month old and I was excited to take a look at what’s been happening since I released the queen a few weeks ago. I wasn’t concerned with finding the queen but I did want to be sure she was laying eggs.

I left them with plenty of sugar syrup to eat while I am away. Here’ pictures of Zinna’s first hive check, I’m sure you’ll notice a big different from the pictures from Cosmo colony that I shared Friday.


This is my first colony using only medium boxes. After I released the queen, I thought I made a mistake by adding her to the top box. This proved to be true, because when I opened the box, the entire colony was up there, instead of being in the bottom! This was easy enough to remedy, I just switched the boxes at the end of this check. You can also see most of the bees are situated on the left side of the box, exactly where I released the queen!


Here’s a picture of the 3rd frame in this box. they already have some honey stored on the side and they are building the comb. This frame looks much less “crowded” than those in Cosmo because this colony is much smaller.


This was the 4th frame and I was happy to see lots of bee larvae and newly capped brood. This means the queen has been busy laying eggs!


If you look close, just next to the capped honey on the left, you can see tiny bee larvae growing in each cell. They look like tiny worms. Soon it will be capped by worker bees and 15 days later new bees will emerge.


This was frame 5. I was glad to see honey on the edges and almost an entire frame of new worker bee brood.


This was frame 6 and it had lots of drone brood. If you compare this to the previous picture you can see the size difference of the brood cells.


Here I am swapping the boxes. Bees like to move up, so keeping the colony as it was would not have been good because they would’ve never moved down and filled the lower box. Initially, they seemed confused by the change but by the end of the day they had figured things out!

It will be interesting to see how much this colony grew while I was away! I still haven’t named this queen and would love if you shared some ideas with me!

3 thoughts on “Zinnia is Growing!

  1. How about Petal?

  2. I just love following this hobby. I would love to do it but one I don’t have the place and two I would worry all the time about them. I will just live vicariously through your! 🙂

  3. Everything is looking good…

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