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Infusio – Day Ten – Last Day!

Finally, here’s the details about my last day at Infusio!

Walking in to the clinic on Friday, October 17th was kind of bittersweet. I was excited to be done but somewhat sad to leave the wonderful people who’d taken such good care of me. I made my healthy peanut butter cups as a thank you treat for Michael, Jasmin and Nadine. I know it’s not much, but hopefully they enjoyed them!

Now for the SUPER exciting news!

My final scan did not show any signs of Borreilia or Babeisa. Michael is confident my body is clear of those microorganisms. I sat there a bit dumbfounded after he told me, because it seemed to good to be true!

I officially have no detectable levels of Lyme and Babesia! YES!! Continue reading


Infusio – Day One and Two

Guten Tag from Frankfurt!


My first infusion

My first treatments at Infusio are complete! So far, it’s been less “scary” than I anticipated. The clinic looks just like it does on their website, very serene and calming. My wonderful husband spent the first day with me, which was super awesome because I had no idea what to expect.

We met Jasmin, the executive assistant who helped coordinate my visit. The doctor at the clinic, Michael Wittstadt, is also very nice, and answers any questions about the infusions and treatments. He’s been quite busy these first two days because the nurse who usually assists him is out sick. Continue reading