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I Got a Black Eye…

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Yes, you read that right, a black eye! The embarrassing part about it is, I gave it to myself! It’s been a month since Kim from Orchard Keepers was here pruning our fruit trees, and I’m still working on the clean up. Today, I was determined to get the rest of it done!

After getting dressed in my “tick proof” garden clothes (someday I’ll share a picture, it’s quite the outfit!), I dragged all my gear, including my new loppers out to the orchard, and I got busy cutting up branches into kindling. A few weeks ago, I did this chore with medium sized pruning shears, and it took forever! Today using loppers, things move faster, it made cutting branches easy. I was in a groove, and feeling confident I would finish today. Then, I had a little mishap with my new tool. I got my first black eye, and I gave it to myself!

I had a huge branch balancing on a bin, and somehow I managed to have the handle very close to my face. While cutting a branch, I whacked myself with the handle above my left eyebrow….OUCH!  I immediately had a slight headache, and asked my husband to get me some ice. He sprung into action, just like Superman! I say this because he’s been a fan of Superman since he was a kid 🙂

I touched the very tender spot, and it was bleeding a bit. I iced it for a few minutes, and got back to work, I wanted to get done today. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite finish before the sun was setting. I can’t wait for daylight savings time to start so I can stay outside longer!

Later, after I had washed off all the dust and dirt with a nice, hot shower, I got a closer look at my wound. I had a small cut above my eyebrow, along with swelling, and nice, black and blue bruise. I applied some Black and Blue Balm, and kept icing it. Hopefully by tomorrow it will be less noticeable. I also applied Silvercillin Gel to help my cut heal quickly, and keep it from scarring.


Here’s a picture of my wound, and my remedies to help it heal.

My poor bruised eye 😦


My non-toxic remedies

Have you experienced “fun” mishaps in the garden? Help me feel better and share them, please!

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