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My Lyme Story – Part One

My Lyme story is a long one, spanning at least 15 years. Because of it’s length, I’ve divided it into two posts. I’ve never shared the whole story, and it’s a little intimidating to share!

I hope sharing my story will help others get correctly diagnosed, and treated by a Lyme literate doctor. Many Lyme patients are told for years they have other health issues, when in fact, they do not.

This must stop!

I want to do what I can to keep that scenario from being a common occurrence. Correct and early diagnosis are key; that would have kept me from having a Lyme story. Believe me, I’d rather that have been the case!

Alright, deep breath……here’s my story! Continue reading


My Lyme Story – Part Two

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my Lyme story! Here’s the second part.

During our break from fertility treatments, I read a book called The Infertility Cure that gave me hope I could become pregnant naturally. The author, who’s a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, says,

“Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that a woman’s body must be gently nourished and encouraged to bear fruit …. I have found that most hormonal imbalances (which contribute to 40 percent of documented cases of infertility, yet are considered untreatable by conventional Western medicine) respond to Eastern methods of treatment.”

This resonated with me, and supported my feeling something besides “egg quality” was the root cause. I found a local Doctor of Chinese Medicine who specialized in fertility, and that decision helped lead me to my diagnosis of Lyme disease. Continue reading